Uhmah Park

This is gonna say something about this week… but its really … whenever this was. Which was weeks ago from the date this is being posted. A nigga like myself has been busy learning new and exciting things and shit like that. If you wanna get behind that lol. ( you will )

In the mean time….

Liz (not lemon. Yes, I love  30 Rock!), has done all the hard work for me once again. She rocks.


Another week, another deck from The Exchange crew. This week our theme is Touch, giving you the songs that make you want to reach out and touch that special someone.

The Picklist:
George | Put it in Your Mouth – Akinyele
Marcia | Crown Royal – Jill Scott
Ouxu | Crush on You – Lil’ Kim feat. Lil’ Cease
OJ | I Pop – Trick Daddy
BK | If I Had You – Frankie
Eyejammy | I Wanna Do Somethin Freaky To You – Leon Haywood
Sam | Feel Like F**kin – Plies
Jen | Seems Like You’re Ready – R. Kelly
Liz | Slowly – Tank
Cye | G-Spot – Wayne Marshall

Don’t Take My Word For It:
Download the stack.
Stream it on Muxtape.


I wear my crown proudly, thanks for playing.