Uhmah Park

I’ve been waiting around all day for Liz to make this damn post lol.

I’m so fucking lazy lmao.


Welcome back for the second installment of The Exchange (explanation here for the late folks). This week our theme is Teenage Love Affair.
the.exchange.002.cover.jpgThe Playlist and Who’s Who:
George | Can We Talk – Tevin Campbell
Liz | My Heart Belongs to You – Jodeci
Eyejammy | She’s Playing Hard to Get – Hi-Five
Kate | Treehouse – I’m From Barcelona
Ouxu | Crazy Love – Brian McKnight
Panama | Let’s Chill – Guy
Cye | Knockin the Boots – H-Town
OJ | Kissing You – Total
Marcia | Computer Love – Zapp & Roger
Blazey | Playground Love – Air
Jen | Weak – SWV
Sam | You’re Unbelivable – EMF

As always:
Download the set here
Stream the set in your browser over at our Muxtape


Kissing You is one of my all time favorite songs, ever made ever. Its too bad my all time favorite girl hates total and doesn’t like the song lol. Her bad. This song is great. I dont care if Total aint the best vocalist. They make great ass songs. Both their albums are classics to me. There might be a volume 2 for this one right here I’m hearing. I already got my pick. This song here though. This song… makes me think about a time when I was just smitten with my love. Then it turned into love. This song also makes me think about a time when you think you just love somebody, and then the next thing you know. You look up and you’re in love for the very first time.

This song reminds me of everything thats good about being in a relationship with somebody you really really love, like, adore, respect, cherish all that shit.

Sigh, maybe again one day. Hopefully I’ll get it right this time.

But until then.

Good fucking luck (not really).


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