Uhmah Park

Man… i cant think what to write in this muthafucka for shit…
i was gonna post some shit about the allstar game… but i didnt wanna get all glazed eyed about mike again — i dont giva fuck… if you are a true basketball fan between the ages of 21 and 30 micheal jordan meant the world to you… that shit was fuckin emotional —
and then i did think of some off shit in the car one day… but i cant remember what that was…
so fuck it. ill just post converstions between me and the peopel that populate my AIM buddy list.
— i got material for years! —

Here goes some shit Calvin and my self were talking about a couple of weeks back:

Calvin: NIGGA
Calvin: OJ Simpson’s daughter looks like a Soprano’s cast member
OJ: nigga
OJ: she is fuckin folded
OJ: that is the ugliest mixed child ever conceived (sp)
Calvin: Man….was I crazy to think that when she was younger she had potential?
Calvin: I mean she had the whole black eyebrows, blonde hair thing going…but depending on what way her body grew she coulda been decent
Calvin: now she looks like a low grade, Sesame Street only Muppet
OJ: lol no not really