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This day, the 27th of May, marks the 25th year of my being. Thats right. today is my birthday… and im turning 25 years old.

What am i doing today? more than likely ill be working today. When i offically wake up for the day that is… im still up from yesterday, which was that niggas calvins birthday by the way. fuckin rat bastard. i didnt see that killacal eve bullshit he posted on his shit. then he let me go with my joke about him being a candle light in the sun. but it was lamed out because he beat me to it. but i didnt know till later.

Anyway… im sitting here thinking of about year i had. i had a cool year. it wasnt all bad. it was pretty great actually. lets see… last june. i went to a buncha parties. and got drunk and real blowed often. actually… that whole summer all i did was smoke drink and club. i used to be drunk as hell on tuesdays at 2pm. for no reason… other than i lived across the way from the livest bartender ever! he would have me super fucked up. and you cant taste the liquor in his drinks. so you think youre cool and you go have like 2 and 3 more. before you knew it… youre sayin and doin all kinda blowed shit.

Also… this summer my God Daughter Essence was born. Me and that nigga RJ went to go see her when she was born. and i was bangin that neptunes album thru the parkin lot, loud as fuck. i got in the parking structure and rode hella slow all the way to the top and set off a buncha car alarms. that shit was funny when i realized i was setting off car alarms, because i didnt hear them. i didnt really realize until i started to see all kinda lights flashin behind me. i found it ammusing at least. Track 9 ( i think ) – Snoop, it blows my mind. thats my shit.
this last summer i also started back talking to my sister. i had to stop dealin with her ass for a lil while. she pissed a nigga off. but were cool now.
i met a lot of cool people this last summer, i kicked it with errin alot this summer ( i miss errin a whole lot ), i managed to keep a girlfriend over the summer ( and into the winter – we had fun tho ). i think thats it.

This last October i spent a week in The ATL again. that shit cracked. it was hella fun. I met Deah and all her friends. i like them… they was cool. i still cant really believe that Deah got me to do that shit.

And oh yea… i got a house in October/November also. i told my dad one day… when i was like 22. that i would have a house before i turned 25. i dont know how or when. because my credit was all fucked up ( still is lol ). but… i was determine. and here it is. at 24 i got my first house. and i love it! the neighbors can kiss my natural black ass. but yea. its great.

We had another Blowed Giving that was hella fun and great. i was toe-back like a sumbitch! a buncha people came thru.

John got married. i cant remember when that was tho. he got married in big bear, and it wasnt cold. so it was probly in the summer too actually.

i went to TWO laker games. the first one, we had 16th row seats. they were pretty close. that was the game against the cavs, when kobe fucked his shoulder up. they won tho. then the other game we went to, we had box seats vs the clippers. now that was the greatest shit ever! we had a gang of people with us. my dad even went. we had a good ass time. Lakers won that game too. it was a close game and went down to the wire. it was hella exciting! great great great! i love the lakers!!

I went to the Rookie All Star game… that shit was great. i damn near ran into robert parrish. thats a big lanky muthafucka.

i found out that i could recieve affectoin just the way i want it, like almost perfect. like no lil complains or shit i just had to miss out on ( if you dont count sanity ). i didnt really think it was possible. i thought 80% was as high i was gonna get. but i fucked around and found high 90’s. it cracked for a nice lil while. then… well. went to shit, hella fast lol… like, it was all good just a week ago – then… shit, no anything. lol. while she might be great still. she still be on tha shit. fuckin with her, made me finally see why some black men dont will not fuck with a black woman for shit. i actually know a couple. and ive actually asked and talked to them about it, and they say, they wont fuck with a black female because they feel like black woman have this kinda fucked up attitude about them. like they always mad at somethin or some shit. they trip on you too much. they dont ever listen to shit you got to say. its always they way, and they cant sit down and reason witha muthafucka or no shit. even when they do. its a waste of fuckin breath.
and i used to swear they was fuckin crazy. like… i couldnt believe that any black dude would really feel that way about any black female. my whole thing was. i knew most of that shit they say is true. but i dont mind any of that shit… i actually like most of that in a girl. ( except a muthafucka who wont listen to good reason ). i love a girl with attitude. that shit is attractive. but i guess to these niggas, it aint. But fuckin with ol girl. i saw all of it. i saw how a nigga can be driven to not want to fuck with any black female ever. espcieally runnin to a buncha muthafuckas like ol girl. Now im not sayin, that if i meet enough black women who refuse NOT to be on some shit… that id jump ship? Hell no! i cant image that really. but still. i could see where somebody who would… could. and refuse to come back lol fuckin around with her and her gotdamn cheerleadin, joke killin, mini me ass friend. her bein on some of that same bullshit, felt like attack of the clones or somethinn. it was awful. anyway. i thought… well, if i know it can happen once. then i know it can happen again. and hopefully she will be blessed with reason and not make up retarded shit for no good reason at all.

and just last week, i was reaquanted with my the girl who i had it bad for just a few years ago. and still kinda do. i compare every girl i know to her. i dont think ive ever had this much chemistry with any girl ever. well maybe like two. one was el pollo loca who i was just talkin about. anyway. i havent seen her in like 4 years. and i saw her last friday and we kicked it till sunday. and it was great. we got to catch up on alotta shit. alot of shit that i thought might have been true, was. and i found out some shit that i didnt even know about. i cant really expressed how much i enjoyed that weekend. even tho it was my 2nd weekend in a row spending the night in fontana. then all of a sudden. a week goes by, and blam. shes gone again. just like that. i couldnt believe it. but, i have to live with it. sigh… i didnt feel like i got in enough time. that shit ruiened my weekend just a lil bit.

And speaking of this weekend that just passed. i had a lil birthday get together at my parents house with my people out in fontana. ( and im having another one saturday in hollywood, with my la peoples ) so much happen that weekend… it was retarded. it deserves its own post. which i plan to make. along with pictures and video! although it was clouded by some disheartning shit. i unknowingly drank the pain away… even tho i was still talkin about it. (so i guess i didnt really lol). none the less… i felt better, so it cracks.

This year should crack. i think im ready for my life to change up a lil but more… for the postive. imma have to step my work up.

and for the firs time ever. i can really just imagine how hard for it is for some people to read my non-spellin ass blogger. plus bad grammer? gotdamn… that would fustrate the shit out of me! i know some asshole has come cross this site like. “fuck him! he cant spell wortha gotdamn! i cant aint bout to decode that bullshit!” lol oh well… fuck it. lol

anyway… im higher than the fuckin light bill. and ive ate almost a whole thing of pringles. imma black out.


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