The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Faries

You know… from the nutcracker?
this song makes me wanna fucking steal something!

i dont know why… it just does.

when dance of the sugar plum faries comes on… i just need to slide something in my pocket that i did not previously own.
its werid? i dont know what the fuck my problem is.

i feel the need to be hella sneaky, or steal something or be janky or something when that shit comes on.
i dont know lol.

just watch your fuckin valuables.

4 Responses to “The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Faries”

  1. what type of shit is this? are you high?

    i was just talking to one of my peeps down here about how some songs really do incite violence. calvin will understand some of the following examples

    * let’s start a motherfuckin riot in this bitch (out of memphis, i think)

    * tear the club up (we all remember three 6 mafia)

    * i bet you won’t hit a motherfucker (i think that was also triple 6)

    * never scared (bone crusher…a classic)

    but tchaikovsky encouraging people to steal is a new one. sounds like a defense to me!

  2. jdubyah

    Nigga, How do you know the actual name/title of that song? I mean damn, I tend to believe that I am well versed in the area of music pretty much all-around, but damn, I would have had to do some research to find out the title of that shit….Just curious…But also laughing histirically at the thought of you being worried about stealing some shit when it comes on….first off you ass don’t be the most out and about MCee, so it leads me to picture you at home, ( or at the parents house), posted listing to that shit on your loud ass computator speakers getiing your groove on while snackin on a PB&J sammish, sippin on some OJ… What the fuck are you worried about, you gonna steal some shit from yourself…? I’m just sayin’… LOL

  3. naw, you are right, the nutcracker song does naturally encourage theivery…I just never realized it before you said it…I read that shit and fell the fuck out. Its like the official theme song of kleptomaniacs.