Uhmah Park

This was the Guckin Futz!!

Kwasi : gotdamn i hate black ppl
Kwasi : this muhfucca was just in front of the cops or some shit
Kwasi : was him looking into the camera cuffed and shit
Kwasi : talking bout…i’m a drug dealer..i’m not a bank robber
Kwasi : i’m a fuckin drug dealer
Kwasi : i’m not a bank robber
Kwasi : wtf is wrong with the world
OJ : lol i wonder what he was thinking
OJ : oh theyll understand….
Kwasi : lol…like he was being honorable as hell
OJ : you know?
Kwasi : that bank robbin shit is just wrong
Kwasi : i sell drugs
OJ : im better than bank robbers
OJ : those people are SCUM!
Kwasi : lol
OJ : i sell crack to kids…
OJ : i deserve medles n shit
OJ : bank robbers are tearing apart the american family!
Kwasi : haha…like he one first place in a track meet
Kwasi : er won
Kwasi : i helped build this community….them fuckin bank robbers are takers
Kwasi : they just take take take
Kwasi : i’m givin back…dont i make u muhfuccas feel good
Kwasi : who was there for u when u lost ur job??? ME
OJ : LMAO!!!!!!!
Kwasi : it wasnt no fuckin bank robber
OJ : LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
Kwasi : damn…i’m gonna have to start the sinktheboattoafrica watchlist
Kwasi : just all the muhfuccas u wanna trick like get on the boat we goin for a trip
Kwasi : and then just sink that shit
OJ : LMAO!!!
Kwasi : set em back 500 yrs or so
OJ : SHIT!!!!!!!!
Kwasi : u know u got some candidates
OJ : hell muthafuckin yea lol
OJ : everybody do lol
OJ : lol it would be the guts, all the niggas at the dock waving n shit….
Kwasi : and we can send em shit like it came from ed macmahon
OJ : lol
OJ : if the qualify to be on the boat, chances are they would fall for it lol
Kwasi : but it gotta come from someone respectable that these muhfuccas would believe it came from
Kwasi : like you just won a trip on the lil jon crunk cruise
OJ : LMAO!!!
Kwasi : sponsored by kool aid
OJ : LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! GOTDAMMIT!!
Kwasi : i’m gonna have to ask baby jesus to hook a brotha up wit that
OJ : LMAO!!!!
Kwasi : to finance the whole operation we’ll sell tapes
OJ : this is being pasted dogg lol
Kwasi : lmao
OJ : tapes?
Kwasi : u know muhfuccas wanna see the show
Kwasi : we wont show where the shit sank
Kwasi : lol
OJ : LMAO!!!
Kwasi : that shit gets cut
OJ : sink that bitch in the middle of the atlantic…
Kwasi : it’ll be a crunk cruise to bermuda
OJ : damn, speaking of janky shit tho….
OJ : im about to go snatch syls dvd burner out of her computer lol
OJ : and give her my dvd rom
Kwasi : u goin covert
OJ : sho nuff
Kwasi : LMAO
Kwasi : greeeeat
OJ : lol
Kwasi : when i get back to work i’m snatchin someone’s memory
OJ : lmao
Kwasi : my box has 256 in it and i be thoroughly pissed
OJ : fuck
OJ : i bet’


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