Uhmah Park

Apperently… there is a new dance out called “The Chicken Head”. fucking wow. i cant believe this shit.

Now everybody knows what the fuck a ChickenHead is… why in the fuck would some asshole make up a dance called the chicken head… and furthermore… why would a female with any self respect be caught dead proforming that shit? i dont understand. but its alright… because when i refer to her casually as ” oh, that bitch over there… ” or bitch whatever the fuck… BET NOT no muthafucka even try to get mad at me. she murdered her fuckin dignity a long time ago. she deserve every last “bitch” she ever get, in any conotation.

i dont get muthafuckas sometimes… shit just way fuckin beyond me. shit like this is when i start cuttin muhfuckas off. let me find out a muthafucka i know does that shit… im deleting they ass off my buddy list / cell phone / life which ever. Just like when muthafuckas was walkin around singin that stupid ass Khia song. i cut at least two people off behind that. but this shit here is the dumbest shit possible. and im not even fuckin playin.

somebody need they ass whooped.

if more muthafucks had to suffer thru an ass whoopin for doing retarded shit… the world would be a better place to live in. i promise.


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