Uhmah Park

yes… its the return of the muffin man… ( fuck calvin for that shit lol )

it turns out i take my cooking a little too seriously… and my pride took that mike tyson right hook to the chin with those two mishaps…
but! ( self hype moment ) like the true champ i am… i showed that true championship heart like kobe in shaq in the fourth quarter ( non laker fans… go head and hate… thank you lol ) and jumped back in the kitchen with a vengence… made two cheese cakes in one night… i made one chesse cake for me and syl. with a layer of cherrys on the bottom and a layer on the top. that shit is good as fuck… syl and her son killed most of it tho… i only got like two big peices… there is one more peice left actually. and if im not hungry by the time i leave to go to my parents house ill let mikey have that one. ( yea i dont play with the cheese cake homie… i wouldnt share the last peice with my mom if i really wanted it )

the second one was all about pride and rep! i had to make a do over cheese cake for errin ( and her shit talkin ass ) im still debating if i actually wanna hand this shit over… i honestly dont think she deserves this shit… but like i said… my pride is at stake here… i cant help it. lol

but… let me also clear something up before i have to start talkin shit about people.
i know i dont post too much personal information about my self on this shit… im not calvin, i can not do that shit. its not that im not as brave or bold… im just a private person. so alotta people dont know too much about me. even people i talk to often. but i like to cook for people. i enjoy it. lol ill only do that shit a couple of times and not often at all ( ask syl ). but i do like to cook for people.
id rather be baking cakes… than actually doing some caking… like a certain med student we all know.
so fuck calvin lol
i cook for syl… for mikey…
i cooked for Thank Goodness for Weed and Alchol day
i cooked on my own birthday when my family came over…
i cooked for roc when she came out here ( she will tell you about a nigga omlettes lol )
i cook when my cousins some over some time ( hardly ever lol we have more fun actually going to get something some where )
i WONT be cooking for deah when she comes to cali ( not salmon at least )
i cook when i have female company ( not EVERY time )
im cold in the kitchen.

in other news that dont got shit to do with shit… this is the most links ive ever included on a post… ever.

anyway… fuck you muhfuckas again… im not cooking for anybody who talked shit! assholes! lol


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