On GP (General Purposes)

The Blowed Clause

you know when youre very very blowed, and you really want something to snack on. but youre too blowed to get anything to eat.

then! out of now where… somebody fixes you that tasty ass snack! THUS! liberatintg you from the taliban-like munchies that have that crippling clutch on your appitite!

we will now refer to these people as the “Blowed Clause” not quite christmas… but there is gift giving ( the snacks ) and just as much joy! except for… chances are you will like the presents your blowed clause brings you because…. when youre blowed… everything is GOOD! or at the very least… better than you remember it!
it goes down people.
believe that there!

shout out to my neighbor marc ( the blowed clause ) who came thru with the bananna nut bread when i was stuck in this chair unable to move!

imma go find me somebody to talk shit to. im bored.

good day people.

6 replies on “The Blowed Clause”

ain’t it? shoot thats how a lazy mof get skinny… you sit there till you get soo GD haunnnnnrgy and you dun wana get up so you juss sit there wit ya stomach growlen like a mof and they aint a damn thing you can do bout it….. yep that soundz like me!ยก boi, you wylin

LOL@this guy (for more reasons than one!)….

Nigga we all know I don’t get blowed THAT often…..but man when I do…and i get the unexpected gift of food….there is no greater gift!!!

Man but on the flip side, try getting blowed and getting some food, but then taking that special blowed nap and waking up expecting to have your good ass blowed snack and some other asshole has eaten it!!!

That muthafucka needs a name!!…Beezel-blowed or something….

This black cherry jello tastes good as HELL right now!! And ya know sumthin….I think it’s because I recieved it from the Blowed Clause himself! The Blowed Clause RAWKS!!!!

*Holding the bowl up in the air*

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