Uhmah Park

Im going to have to find a way to not have to post links for three different groups of muthafuckas that I fuck with on the internet.
Until then though, lol. As many of you know, I live in Porter Ranch, California… a small suburb of Northridge. If by any chance, you happen to watch the news, the city of Porter Ranch might sound kind of familiar to you because there was a big ass fire out here earlier this week. And yes, a nigga like myself DID have to evacuate. Why because peoples homes that were less than 1000 yards from mine, were on fire. But before I made that discovery… I had my ass out on Tampa (the street I live on) taking pictures of that big ass orange helecopter that was dropping water on hot spots. Which happen to be right up the street.

Youll see in the photos… I was standing out on the street. And then I noticed there were hella cars driving down the street, then hella police driving UP the street. Then I see all this smoke up the street all of a sudden. Because when i walkd out there, it wasnt so thick. But then the smoke got thicker, and closer. Then I noticed red streaks and and glowing through the smoke. I said to myself… nigga thats fire. we out.

I walked (ran) back in the house. Im looking at TV and sure enough, I see the next stop sign from my house and the homes and area around it, all on fire. WACK lol. So then yea… Sylvia convienced that I should leave. I guess Black people really dont believe in evacuating, because I sure the hell was sitting here not wanting to leave, just close the windows lol. I didnt believe my shit was gonna catch on fire at all lol. But Syl was stuck on the corner because Rinaldi was closed for helicopter landings. Word? gotdamn lol. It got hella real in Porter Ranch the other day… son, word. lol Im not used to this shit no more.

On to the pics!


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