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The Bitch

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She will make u love her… She will make u hate her. Right now… Its just me her and mary… My main bitch. Threesome FTW!

A lot of people don’t mess with gin.. I do. Blame Snoop. Me and my cousin Drew have dubed bombay The Bitch because in a drunken rant one great drunken day this nigga Drew blamed the bitch on the bottle for getting him as drunk as he was. He was explaining this to a very very drunk and high me. Who wasn’t understanding who this bitch was that he was cursing… At all. I’m looking for somebody. But this man has a bottle of Bombay Sapphire that we had been killing all nite… He has it to his head… With the picture of the old lady lined up with his eyes. And starts to pleed with my dumb ass who is looking for an actual girl. ‘Nigga look! Nigga look at me! Do u see my eyes! Do u see what I’m lookin at nigga!’ This niggas eyes are pulling hard as fuck to the bottle. Not to mention he is pointing the whole time. Right at the lady. Sadly … Still took me a cool one to catch on. But that didn’t stop Drew at all. He kept on till I finally saw the lady on the bottle. Lol

As much Bombay as I’ve downed before that moment. I had never noticed her there. So needless to say… I was surprised. The drunk and high surprised where its mind blowing how u managed to miss some shit for a long time and now its doubly wow! That was me. Lol

So now… We refer to her as The Bitch. She looks the part. And she does her job.
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