Uhmah Park

I see my self as a person who believes in capitalism. I think its one of the greatest phenomenons the world has ever seen, ever.

The other day, while scanning twitter, I saw this link somebody tweeted out. I think it was Liz ( @calinative ). It said “Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice (Infographic)”, this really sparked my interest. Side Note: after reading this whole infographic, i was stuck on this site for two hours lol.

This infographic shows how 90% of the media consumed comes from 6 different companies. So what that means is there is 6 countries controling what everybody watches or listens to. Movies, TV, Radio, Music.

Media Consolidation Infographic

Source: Frugal dad

Like I said, Im a capitalist, so I dont really see a problem with 6 companies controlling all of media from a business stand point. Good for them! Honestly, I’d like to be number 7 some day. I think its great.
However, there is the fact that these media outlets control news stations; which would be OK, if these news stations didnt have such a clear agenda. Propaganda is one thing and a whole different subject. Because I just want to talk about The News. I watch a lot of news, the words and phrasing that comes from each of these companies goes far far beyond proaganda. Especially when a major media company controls multiple sources of information.
For instance; if one of these companies controls a major news network that has a clear agenda, lets use both fox and msnbc as an example. These two stations are owned by News Corp and GE respectively. Its common knowledge that both of these networks have a clear conservative and liberal agendas. GE and News Crop also own/control several other local tv stations as well as news papers and other accessible information sources.

This internet meme is a perfect example:


So when I read through this infographic, it shows and tells me this:

When an event happens that makes the news. An anchor men/women, anyalist, specialist, experts or which ever person said news station would like to discuss a news event, view point or talking point that the Major Media Outlet wants out there, gets on camera and delivers which ever talking point using a few keywords. They can make a statement, claim or which ever saying anything thats based on just the smallest bit of truth and at the same time skew those words to reflect their agenda.

Next, since there are multiple shows on any news network, this station will then have on more individuals on other shows who state said talking point line for line or either expands/rephrases the same talking point. This starts to validate this talking point as actual news or information or a talking point or something that will provide content for you to take in, watch and talk about; relevant or not (See: Birthers).
Not only will that happen, but the local tv, news papers, etc will also mention these same talking points and information maintaining the same keywords or phrasing. No matter if this talking point is completely true or completely false or some where in between, doesnt matter, because there is an agenda at the end of the day. So now, you the consumer of this information and patron of which ever station, takes this information as absolute truth or the closest you can come to it.
You talk to your friends and family who may or may not have seen/heard similar information by a company owned by the big 6; maybe the same company you support. This other person may not be watching the same station as you may watch, yet your info and the skew that was received on it is the same coming from different sources and now this talking point is gaining some validity.

Now you have a solid piece of manufactured information, phrased in the mold of which ever agenda it came from.  The information is skewed and based on fact, so its hard to dispute which parts of this information is completely accurate if you dont choose to do any research your self. Which most people dont do; thats what they watch the news for. People rely on the news for the truth on whats happening in the world and what matters to them, period. People trust news outlet information as accurate, no matter where they choose to get it from. Which would be cool if all the information was 100% accurate and not phrased as vaguely and broadly stroked as it is.

But since it is, just at even a glance, this information will sway you to one side of the issue or the other, depending on which news outlet you got it from. Which is where this is a bad thing, because information is supposed to inform, not sway. Your opinion should be based off 100% accurate information from said news outlet and you, the consumer, can make your own choices from there. But there is a lot of money involved, so that changes things. A lot.

So now the way people view things, vote, purchase goods and their every day lives are saturated with one of these companies over all agenda that serves the greater good of said company, rather than the over all good of the public.

This isy just one point I see. I see an array of possibilities, situations and problems when 6 companies controlling 90% of media consumed; it can lead to all sorts of things, both good and bad.

If I could be #7 though, that would be awesome. I cant say I would or wouldnt take up any of the practices I see the big 6 using to be completely honest. I can say that I draw the line at misinforming the masses. However, I can also see it might necessary at some point.. you know, so I can make more money. Fuck what youre going through lol.