Uhmah Park

I gotta joke.

One day, on some random guy… his body parts got into a little bit of a debate, that kind of got out of hand. The topic of this debate was “Who should be in charge”.  As in who should be the shot caller of the body. Each body part made their respective cases.

The Brain, naturally you would think had the best case. Stating that, for one, if he goes they all go. They dont even work without the brain. Its crazy  to think the brain shouldnt be in charge. The brain was kinda pissed that this was even a debate. However the other body parts insisted they make thier case.

The Eyes thought they should be in charge because sight is essential to every day functions. even the brain needs the eyes to gather information about what to do with what the body is faced with on the daily. etc etc..

The Arms hands and fingers spoke as a team, and claimed that with out them the body couldnt feed or wash its self. The body would need some one ELSES arms to do those things for them in order to survive if the arms werent there.

The Legs and feet spoke as a team of course, and thought they should be in charge because the arms can only get you from point A to point B for so long. The legs key argument was basically that mobility is key to survival. Getting food, going to get ass to procreate, getting out of danger, etc.

Then out of no where the Asshole says, All of you guys are fucking idiots, im in charge. I dont give a fuck what any of you think.

This of course pissed the other body parts the hell off. They told the Asshole to fuck off and bared him from the debate…. for well… being an asshole. The Asshole took offense to this. And in true Asshole fashion, he barged in the conversation one more time.

Fuck you guys, im tired of dealing with you guys’ shit! And just to prove my point, i wont take your shit anymore. Basically, the Asshole decided to stop working.

The other body parts continued to brush off the Asshole. Until, a few days passed by and the body parts were feeling a bit sluggish. but they didnt notice, because the debate raged on, all while the Asshole sat on the sidelines… not working. Passing no body waste for days. the days turned into a week or so…

By this time, the body hadnt taken a shit in over 5 or so days. The arms and legs began to swell. The eyes were having trouble working. The brain couldnt even think straight, all it could do was think about how it needed to take a shit. All because the Asshole decided to prove a point and shut down.

The other body parts thought the whole situation was pretty fucked up, but what could they do? They all need the asshole to function properly in the end. lol

If you have no eyes, you still need to take a shit, if you have no brain and your a vegatable, you still need to take a shit at the very least lol. if you have no arms, and you need some one else to feed you, you still need to take a shit. if your… well you get the picture.

lol the moral of the story is… The Asshole is always in charge. Remember that shit lol.


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