Uhmah Park

This picture is the fucking GUTS! The elation on this lil mutahfucka face kills me every time. It was killing me when I turned and saw that shit lmao. This looks like a scene out of  some random anime cartoon pseudo action scene where one of the characters see’s something amazing, shocking or scary… and their like WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!?????!!!!! and the camera stays on them while the back ground is moving fast in the background, but moving slow. Thats what I see every time I see this fucking picture lmao.

So here is the story behind this picture. On the 4th of July. There is this big ass church behind my house that has some big ass fireworks show. So me and my friends are outside, watching the fireworks show. Drunk as fuck. Andy and I were high as fuck. Im standing there minding my own business, trying to be as anti social as I can be towards my neighbors, when I notice these two kids running around us in circles trying to get the best view of the fireworks they could. Im trying my best to ignore these little muthafuckas and enjoy the show. When I notice to my right, these muthafuckas have resorted to some ol Voltron shit to try to get a better picture with their camera phone. I was the only person that noticed, so I said “Oh shit, look… its an asian totem pole… “. Sylvia managed to pull her self together long enough to snap a camera phone picture worth taking.

So now this is the Asian Totem Pole Picture.

What I really dont understand is why people take fireworks pictures. Nobody ever post them shits anywhere or look at them ever again. You can barely see that shit unless you have a good camera. Silly shit.


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