The 3rd Annual Blowed Giving

… or it could be the 4th… but im not sure. im blowed at the moment… excuse me.

So yea… The 3rd Annual Blowed Giving will be held this thursday… traditionally celerbrated by most as ThanksGiving. but since i dont partake in thanksgiving… and since alot of my friends dont, but everybody has the day off. we have fordged our own holiday. BlowedGiving.

BlowedGiving is a gathering of friends and family at some ones house, it last from the time the owner of the house is avaliable to host a gather, till the time the owner passes out. What we do on blowed giving is…. well get blowed. that aint hard to figure out. we drink, smoke and eat away the day. watch football, sit around and talk and laugh, play games. just a real nice time. blowed giving is my favorite holiday that isnt my birthday or new years lol.

man… blowed giving for me and my friends is kinda like st. patricks day for irish people. we get WAY more fucked up than we are suppose to. good lord… hammered would be a tragic understatment. but not fucked up enough to where we cant function. but to the point were we are fucked up nice and good and feel great.
there is so much food, you dont get that fucked up, because you can eat your way sober if you have to. you could either eat to stop you from getting TOO fucked up… or eat to sober up to take yo ass home.

last year at blowed giving… i found a place behind the chair max was sitting in to black out. i was drunk as hell and high as fuck… i had only gotten like 4 hours of sleep. pssshhh i was fucking done for. i figured max would throw a nigga a lil bit of cover, so nobody would miss a nigga… or shit… notice i passed the fuck out. so i camped out behind max… i think i remember telling him that i was behind him. i dont know if i did or not… but if did, i know why i would have done it. because i know what i was thinking to myself. “Damn, self… it sure would be fucked up if max fucked around and farted out this bitch ( LMAO!!! ). you know… like if he decided he was gonna let one slip, and fuck it… im in the corner, nobody will smell that shit. Damn self, wouldnt that fuckin SUCK not only would it suck more than the worst shit ever. but that would also mean, that not only has this man spit on you before… but he will then have farted on you! that just cant happen. fuck that.? so i mentioned to that nigga, that i was camped out behind him. but i didnt tell him what i was thinking. i dont think. but then again… i was blowed enough lol.

lol i only threw that in because max beat me in fantasy football, and im hella salty. blaylock and tom bradey could have had better games… but overall my whole team had that cold low output. so… this is my get back lol. kinda sorta a lil bit.

anyway… blowed giving cracks. i cant wait! it goes down!

and this year, we are gonna have a blowed giving eve get together the day before! this should be great! i cant wait!
we are only gonna do this shit this year, because a few of my friends are fucking cheaters, and want thier cake and eat it too. they celerbate thanksgiving and want to celerbrate blowed giving as well. muthafuckas… its cool tho. any excuse to get blowed lol. so it goes down before hand, and then all over again. ha!

im out.

11 Responses to “The 3rd Annual Blowed Giving”

  1. eh? BlowedGiving? sounds like fun…too bad the rest of the world is unaware of it, they probably have their own terms for thanksgiving to where they don’t give thanks. Isn’t that the point? Owell, make sure you don’t get cornered behind ya friend. Then you might have a blowout, not blowed.

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