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That Guy at the Bank

Why is it every time i go to the bank, and there is a long line… there is that one white guy standing either two people in front of you or two people behind you… BITCHIN.
First… you know… he starts to shake his head and sigh hella loud. with the occasional, ” i cant beleive this ” or… ” this is rediculious…. ”

after that… they get real shifty… and start mumbling shit under thier breath… the same ” this is rediculious ” or ” i cant believe this ” but then they start to cuss, and hold out there arm, puzzeled like ” what the fuck!? ”

after that lol… ultimate fustration sets in… and they start to look over at the person next to them in line. and let out a snide ass laugh of discust and disbelief. as in to say ” do you see this shit?!! This is REALLY some bullshit! ” from here… shit goes either two ways… either they turn around and start bitching to them selves some more… or either… they take the eye contact that you two have made as an open invitation to complain to YOU! and point out improvments that will improve THIER OWN banking expereince. when what they really need to say is.. ” THIS BANK NEEDS TO STOP EVERYTHING ITS DOING WHEN I COME IN HERE AND HELP ME! ” and this is always kinda awkward… i mean what do you say to the guy at the bank… bitchin to you… when all you wanna do is do your business and get tha fuck out of the gotdamn bank.

but yea… anyway… every time i go to the bank… there is always ONE person in there bitchin… and he/she goes thru that same process everytime.

other people probably dont get talked to… but since im there peepin out thier actions most of the time… is probably why i get bitched to lol.

maybe i need to mind my own muthafuckin business…

5 replies on “That Guy at the Bank”

ugh…i hate niggas like “the guy at the bank”. why they mamas don’t tell them not to talk to strangers. i hate when people think just because we stand by each other in line or sit by each other in the doctorthat means we gotta talk about dumb stuff like the weather, how slow the bus is or the service in the supermarket….just shut the hell up!!! don’t you have somethin’ to think about quietly??

man, i hate small talkers…

nosey bastard. lol

you know the solution to this problem? being the asshole on the cell phone in the bank that is talking and laughing in line.

i like being that person. it keeps me from dealing with stupid idiot strangers that i don’t know and don’t wanna know.

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