Uhmah Park

now i remember lol

Since most of my close homies/cousins/relitives DO NOT celerbrate none of these bullshit ass holidays…

I thought it would be a good idea if we made our own fun out of the shit. Because Every damn holiday none of us do shit except for post some where. or be at somebody house who is celerbratin it just cuz we aint doin shit else. We all be hot because every damn thing is closed and aint shit to do. except watch tv.


Syl and I thought it would be a swell idea if this ThanksTakings Day… i mean ThanksGiving Day ( punk ass day ) we would have a ” Thanks for Giving us Alchole and Weed Dinner ” since all the homies smoke or drink or both…. we thought it would be pretty damn fun. We aint doin shit else but waiting for the day to pass anyway… why not wait and be fucked up? Should be fun. imma post the pictures so people can be mad they didnt come. lol

dont you think?


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