Uhmah Park

there is a city in texas that is 94% ese ( latino ) populated….. tha name of tha city is called Brownsville…

that shit is tha guts to me for some reason….


on that same chart… it showed that 97% of East Los Angeles is occupied by latinos….

and imma make sure to NEEEEEEEEEEVER take my black ass back thru there…

i dont giva fuck! those odds are just too much for me lol

some of them fools dont like niggas lol

rollin thru there just dont fuckin seem smart!

i mean… before… i never really thought about it… not like i had any damn business in East Los… but shit….. ill stop and get gas… or go to a mc donalds or some shit…

but now… that i have that not stat that reads 97%?!?!? sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit

im cool…. ill just wait till im in alhambra or fuckin azuza or some shit lol


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