Uhmah Park

tell me if im wrong….

but the news and everybody else hypes tha fact that people cant drive while they are on thier cell phone. people say that they arent as focused on the road and cause accident and yap yap yap.

but correct me if im wrong…

but isnt talking on tha cell phone… just like talking to somebody in the car with you?

and on top of that! shouldnt tha shit actually be fuckin EASIER!

i mean…. if you think about it. when you have your phone ( or ear peice ) to your head, you dont have to look over at no damn body ( tha person in tha car that you are talkin to – for the slow people – ). so in essence… you get to talk… with out taking your eyes off the road. so if you think about it… it should be safer almost.

People do a ganga shit while they are on the phone.

why is driving while your on the phone so damn dangerious?

is it all hype to sell ear peices?

or are muthafuckas just dumb asses?

shit…. i can fuckin drive while im on tha phone.

people do a ganga shit while they are on tha phone… cook, clean, chat, change the oil in your car ( if your oj lol ) so why is shit so different when your rollin?

i dont get it.

but ok… lol