Uhmah Park

Hilary is refuses to stop fucking up.

Recently the leader of Iran went to the UN bitching and whining about Hilary saying that she would obliterate Iran if they dared attacked israel. Obliterate?!?! Doesn’t that seem kinda rough? Why didn’t she just say “id cut Tehrans fucking dick off!”… Might as well lol damn. Im starting to think the clintons say whatever the fuck they feel like lol.

What does it say when republicans rather run against this person? Republicans who have clearly been up to no good openly. What kind of sense does it make for the opposition to support one half of the other side if they didn’t fear the side they aren’t supporting. Duh. Its no wonder she has so many defectors lol.

I don’t know, maybe the biggest thing I cant understand is why would somebody as smart as her, use the word “Obliterate” with people who – when they speak english or their version of it – use words like fucking “INFIDEL” and “comrade”. You would think a word like “Obliterate” would be on their short list of words they learn that mean “fuck americans up”

Not only that, but Iran is pretty fucking big. I’m sure Tehran and the like was looking around like hey, we got a lot of space my friend. Obliteration would require alot of fucking work. You mutahfuckas are already fucking up Iraq. But you want to fucking OBLITERATE US?!?!?!?

They call this man crazy. He could have easily taken offense to that (I probably would have, but I’m ignorant as fuck, what do I know? lol) and marched into Iraq with hella troops and started World War 3. But what did this guy do? He went to the UN bitching about what she was talking about. She ain’t even president, and this nigga is calling foul. That should tell people something. He don’t want none. Which is smart, because we really don’t either.

But Obliteration is still the threat of all threats. Hiroshima, got fucking obliterated lol. Are you really prepared to go that gotdamn far over fucking Israel?! Is it THAT serious?

All I’m saying is, you have to back Obliteration up homie lol. Especially against some people that already don’t like you. And they already trying to get at us on the sly, giving niggas guns and training n shit. At least be mad over that first lol. Dont threaten Obliteration over some shit that more than likely will never happen. Gotdamn.

Maybe she was tired when she said that shit too. Like yea, we’d fuck them up, whatever, a bitch is tired n shit. fuck Iran anyway. Tehran doesnt wanna fuck with me. gotdammit, does he know who the fuck I am? I’ll cut his fuckin dick off! Imma need a chocolate something after this interview, gotdamn.


oh yea… ps… A GAS TAX HOLIDAY DOESNT MAKE SENSE IF THESE MUTHAUFCKAS KEEP RAISING THE FUCKING PRICE OF GAS, ASSHOLES!!!!! The shit has already shot up pass the 18 cents you said we where gonna save!!! What kind of Reganomictrics ass math is this!?!?!?

I have alot of shit to accomplish between now and the end of the year, but that shit wont get here fast enough. Actually, it can wait… Hopefully if I play my cards right, I’ll be straight by then no matter who becomes president. Thank God for Porn.