Uhmah Park

Syl is the damn guts!

on the 26th of august she wrote in her blogger about her not needing to be on tha net during certian stretches of the year that just aint too good for her socially.

While she was getting hr blog on ( i didnt know ) i was creepin up on her tryin to scare her… for no other reason than me being bored… but she turned around and caught me…

Anyway…the kwas was in serious dout that i actually had the ability to catch a muhfucka slippin.

now… i dont like to brag… lol but buss it:

>> enter syls reblogger >>

lmao…how oj tall ass gonna sneak up on anybody? his shadow would rat him out. hold on…i need to take a swig of cranberry juice..

kwas – posted at 3:32 GMT 27/8/01

CASE STUDY WHOA slick aint even the right word. MASTER OF GUISE is more appropriate in this statement. i shall present three scenarios for my argument. exhibit 1. at approximately 3 a.m. on a given weekday night sylvia was sleeping on my bed with 3 comforters, and 6 pillows. i woke up cold and went to reach for a blanket. there was only one, but in my sleepy-conscious state i didnt cognitively apply to logic that in fact i had 3. a few minutes later i was awaken by some movement on the bed. i opened my eyes and see OJ standing over the bed holding a pillow… standing statuesque and not moving staring right into my eyes. i blinked and rubbed my eyes and looked again and he was gone. in the morning when i woke up to go make coffee i saw ALL my bedding on the living room couch. i guess i was so sleepy i didnt realize i had been pillow jacked. exhibit 2. we have this one client who shall remain nameless. for business appropriate reasons the site shall also remain nameless. but i will tell you this. during a beta testing of the site review, OJ, the digital camera and all audible movement disappeared within 2.5 seconds from thier original place. as i was turing to OJ to confirm a date i was alarmed to notice that he was no longer in his prior seat, but behind the unnamed client, digital camera focused on her hair and clothing, and his finger strategically placed to snap the photo. the rest shall be unspoken. exhibit 3. as i opened the front door to our apt. i see OJ running towards me. mind you i hear nothing. this man is 6’7. i hear NOTHING. as i look to the keyhole and remove the key and walk in the door i look ahead of me and see NO ONE. i proceed to walk two steps in and look to the left. OJ is standing there already mixing and cooking. I just shake my head in astonishment as to how within 3 steps of mine has he managed to progress all the way into the kitchen,find a utensil, and involve himself in activities. final conclusion: ive come up with one theory in application to my roomate OJ and his slick maneavers. When you hear nothing, bet OJ is up to SOMETHING. the man is slick. case study proven.

sylG – posted at 18:56 GMT 27/8/01

>> exit syls reblogger >>

lol that shit cracked me up…

just thought id share…