Guttie Shit

Talk crap, I’ll throw AIDS at your car!

This here rapper goes by the name Krispy Kreme (no A). If you talk shit to this man, he will throw AIDS at your car. Plain and simple.

This is way too funny. This whole song is quotable. I had to listen to this 4 times to figure out which line I wanted to use for the title of this post. This dude has to be kin to Butters from south park. His hick cousin from west virgina or something. This man has a trailer park accent, yet he says all his words completely, just like Butters.

Him throwin up the W almost took me out. Theres SO MUCH SHIT I could say about this video! Krispy in the tree. Krispy’s fighter skills. Kripsy on the swing. Krispys bowl cut. Krispys wranglers. Krispy and Money Maker Mikes… um, closeness??? Why is he resting his arm on Money Maker Mike like that? That shit made me wild uncomfortable or something. Theres a good chance Krispy and Money Maker are fucking, is what I’m getting at, I guess. Krispys cart wheel. Krispys small ass trophies; from 99. Krispys wrinkled ass shirt.. I could go on an on.

I hope you got the same laugh out of this that I did.

My cousin posted this to facebook with the words “Club Banger” .. this little nigga cracks me up.

If youre an instant Krispy Kreme fan, and I dont see how you wouldnt be, check out his other video called “The Baddest” where him and Money Maker Mike pull out the heat!

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