Easy on my balls, they’re fragile as eggs.

I’m just sittin’ right, in my class at a quarter to ten right?
Waiting patiently for the class to begin right?
Teacher says “open up your texts and read the first paragraph on
Oral sex!”
I said “Oral sex!, what kind of class is this?!”
The girl next to me said “what’s wrong with you miss? This is a lesson that
Makes you feel fine, kinda ease your nerves and relax your mind!”
I said “Don’t try to use no hypnotic spell!”
She said “Be my assistant, I’d show rather tell!”
My knees buckled heart started to drop
My dick grew to a size that my nerves couldn’t stop
I tried to run! She yelled out “freeze!”
Pulled down my draws, dropped to her knees
Ripped of my draws as if she had claws
Broke the rules that defined sex laws
She responded quick, with a slick, welcoming kiss and a ice cream lick
Oooh I begged, I begged, “Easy on my balls, they’re fragile as eggs.”

Part 2 coming up…

lol this is my shit


You Wanna Talk Genocide? Not a problem.


I know a lot of people dont remember or forgot about this track. Its one of my favorite Wu / Method Man tracks of all time. I dont know why its not on my ipod, but that really doesnt have much to do with much right now. But I aint happy about it. Anyway.. Batman Forever was one of my favorite Batmans as well, the first round of Batmans, that is.

I always thought Method Man tore this beat down. Method man being a lot of people favorite Wu-Tang Clan member is well deserved. The only Method Man fans I dont take seriously are those fans who cant point out Masta Killa on a track. Those arent real Wu-Tang fans lol

And for those that dont remember the video for this, click here

Song of the Moment

This aint no Wizard of OZ shit

You aint never heard niggas rhyme like this before man….

Surgical Gloves is my shit!!!!! The beat, then that classic Chef gibberish style you have to run back a few times to catch the whole shit. Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 is a fucking banger. Damn near the whole album. Im not gonna front like its better than ob4cl 1. But it definitely lives up to it. I promise. If you havent given it a listen, stop wasting your life as soon as possible. Your Welcome!

Music Song of the Moment

Sucker Fuckin MC’s!

This is the best cover of an old school rap track ever. But this shit is so old, its damn near old school lol. I used to have this whole album, its called “In Tha Beginning There Was Rap

The funniest part about this album was that Too Shorts “Freaky Tales” was on this album being covered by Snoop. But Too Short was on the album covering “I Need A Freak” LMAO! and it was bangin too!!! I need to find this shit again, it was stolen form me back in the day.


The 25 Most Essential Raekwon Tracks

Recently Complex Magazine did an interview with Raekwon about his favorite songs he’s put out over the years.
I LOVE most of these tracks… until after Duck Seazon. I really only like one track after that, and thats Surgical Gloves. Thats my shit right there, one of my favorite tracks off the Cuban Linx 2 album. A banger for sure.
I always find it interesting to know what an artist was doing and going through at the time of creating a classic. Rae has a lot of classics under his belt.  He’s killed so many damn beats. There are definitely some classics left off this list. But I guess these are the tracks are the tracks he feels are important to his success… or maybe the stand outs.

Id sit up and name my favorite Raekwon tracks, but I’d be up here all day long.

Raekwon recently released a new album, Shaolin vs Wu-tang, which is why they did the interview. A pretty decent record. However, if you heard Cuban Linx 2… Ill tell you straight up, its not OBCL2. But its still pretty dope. I fux with it.

Of course I went with this picture of The Chef… Smoking a blunt with Rae would be kinda dope, I’m sure. Hell, smoking a blunt with OJ is pretty awesome in its self, so I hear lol. This needs to happen.