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Being Too Wack For Ones Own Good. The K-Feezy Edition

This is what happens when youre percived as being too wack AND lame for your own good.

“Somebody” put a hit on on this mans life. And for what? Because he’s wack? Thats a reason to take another persons life? Because he did Brittney Spears dirty? Because he is perceived as a male gold digger?

I honestly dont understand why people hate this man sooo damn much? What did he really do to deserve so much hate? Im sure its nothing that most people couldnt have avoided if they put a little effort into it. In other words, if you hate K-FizzelFashizzle, then its your fault, not his. Its really easy not to pay attention to tabliot news, I promise you that. Every time you log on to or or there is a little red x in one of the corners, of your browser so you can avoid all k-feezy news. Or just turn the gotdamn channel. But whatever… fuck it, you still hate K-Federally.

The other thing about this whole shit I dont understand is… How do people not see that When Brittney got with Kevin, Brittney wasnt stepping down just because she got with a dancer and she was the main talent. Brittney and Kevin have always been the same class of people. Fuck what class exactly that is. But my point is, they really do come from the same background, got a bunch in common, they the same kinda muthafucka. You can tell a number of ways.

1. she had TWO kids with this man.
2. She was all the way ready to support this man. not only support him, but his wack would be entertainment career as well.
3. everytime you saw her with him, they were HELLA happy. she was truely happy untilshe started cheating or whatever the problem was. im sure she didnt all of a sudden just realize he was a wack person or whatever his real problem is.

Fuck it, I could go on and on. But my point is still, they have always been the same person. What I STILL cant figure out is…. BRITTNEY IS REALLY JUST AS WACK AS HE IS AS AN ENTERTAINER! The only thing Brittney has on Kevin is she looks better half naked, even when/if she is a lil pudgy lol. She sing for shit, the level of her so called dancing skill is completely relative. Brittney is as good as her team is. Brittney wouldnt even be who she is if she just tried to come out before all the Disney Channel hype. If she just tried to come out with any one of her singles after the oops i did it again shit, she would currently be an after thought. There would be no great production and videos n shit. None of that.
Clearly these days though, her fucking team sucks all to hell, or she just stopped listening to muthaufckas lol. Im kind of in support of the latter, but in her defense, at some point every one get tired of being told what to do even if they are always wrong, at least they are making their own fuck ups and only they are responsible. I understand that fully.

I dont give a fuck how bad my life is going and how sick I am of muthafuckas telling me what to do though, im not gonna keep embarrassing myself. For instance. I eventually got spell check for my blog lol. Not that I use that shit all the time, but Im trying, fuck yall lol.

I actually almost feel sorry for Brittney sometimes, I couldnt take muthafuckas in my business all the time like that. Even worse is all these companies see her as a check lol. If you attach that woman to anything, youre getting fucking paid. To prove my point. MTV knew good and gotdamn well what they were gonna get when they booked Brittney to open for the VMA’s. Im not gonna fuckin lie, her performing was one of the MAIN reason I wanted to watch that historicly (for the last few years) boring ass show. Even I wanted to see what she was gonna do. And boy did we all get something to talk about lol. Poor girl lol. MTV may have fucked around and ended her damn career lol. But MTV got PAID off all the ratings and advertising doe they got for her opening the show im sure. Alls well that ends well I guess…

Having a hand in running a TV station myself, I cant say I wouldnt have done the same shit lol.

Music Video Reviews You Tube

CHUCK that Soilder Boy!

You can fuck with this bullshit right here if you mutahfuckin want to… but a nigga like me? This gotdamn song makes me wanna cause myself harm.

I remember the first time I heard this bullshit. This very video was playing in the background of some place I was at. I was kinda blowed, so I thought I was trippin. I was wondering if the niggas who sang the song was ever gonna actually START singing the fucking song. But I didnt really pay that much attention to it. Then it felt like a fucking hour passed and they was still on the muthafuckin same ass fucking part.

I just made a new category on here called Music Video Reviews… inspired by my wanting to talk shit about this song publicly because I still feel the fucking effects of that shit being on in the background for what seemed like 10 fucking hours. But not really, because honestly Ive been trying to avoid this gotdamn song and especially the fucking video since that fateful damn day. I didnt know who it was by, I didnt know the name of the fucking song, i didnt know shit. I didnt wanna know shit. But then here comes this nigga Dell, trying to make his point on a joke that (in hindsight) I could have stayed the fuck in the dark for lol. The nigga made the joke, I didnt even ask what the fuck a solider boy was. I thought it the nigga who did the Throw Some D’s shit. (I’ll talk about that shit one day too). But oh no, it was a far worse truth than that. sigh… fuckin shit.

Anyway. Total, id say ive watched maybe 54 full seconds of this video.

OH time the hell out… as im talking shit, Dell links me to the BAY version of this video… lets peep this shit and see if its any better.

… wow… so after actually sitting through THIS shit, Ive watched alot more of this video through proxy, and oh boy…. The only thing this boy is a Solider for is the, Dont Ask Dont Tell Gay Rapper Attempted UnderCover Not-so-Stealthy Crew.  DADTGRAUCNSC… for short? Anyway… Now these niggas have an official dance. And this appears to be it, Hoe-ray nigga. So the next time you see a nigga doing this bullshit in the street, assume the obvious lol.

See, these niggas are giving white people in hiphop a bad name… why you ask? Because alot of people think white people get into hiphop first listening to shit like this lmao.  ( JUST JOKES LMAO)

Please be warned though, dont watch that video if you dont wanna end up actually liking any thing about this song. Because this shit is actually better. This aint the greatest shit ever by any stretch, dont get me wrong. But its so much better than the original, it made me like this version lol. How bout that shit?

Oh well, its too bad the nigga thats trying to get niggas to ‘Aquaman that hoe’ (which is the fucking GUTS by the way lmao) stage name is ‘Ya Boy’. Which might actually be the most rediculious fucking name for a nigga to give himself since a nigga decided to name himself ‘The Game’ . I was floored when I heard a nigga was actually walking around calling himself the game. And fuck was I embarrassed when I heard he was from Compton AND a G-Unitian lmao (I like 50, but G Unit is wack).

Honestly its hard enough for me to even fucking admit I actually like The Game. And I honestly did refuse to fuck with that man because of his name (and the perpetual fucking name dropping, jesus christ). Same goes for Fabulous, just cant fucking do it.

But… YA BOY? as in the end of a ‘HOLLA AT YA BOY’?  So um, im guesing um, what this guy is trying to do is… uhhh Automatically wedge his silly ass into that popular ‘hiphop’ sign off? Be that nigga everybody is talking about when niggas grant each other a farewell?  Sigh…

More niggas need to ask themselves when picking out a stage name… How will white people sound when saying ‘buy this album’ on tv? Im sure everyone seeing “Ya Boy” not going so smooth. No matter what… this shit is gonna sound lame as fuck. But most important thing to that equation is: Does it sound lame enough that even white people wont buy your album? If the answer is yes, Then you might wanna go with something else homie. really lol.  Its a shame too because the nigga aint half bad. But fuck the dumb, I dont think imma renig on this one hear like I did The Game lol. And fucking Starbucks, but thats another story lol.

For now, good luck getting this wack shit out of your head lol.