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Fresh Prince In Paris

Who ever did this is great…. and very fucking ignorant lol. I feel like Will Smith did this himself lol. Like he spent time groovin on all those episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air (one of my favorite all time shows) just to lead up to the making of this video lol. Speaking of silly dances done to Niggas in Paris tho, the jig @KanyeWest was doing in that damn video was HILARIOUS! @Steenfox knows what I’m talkin about lol. It deserves its own post. But Ill go over that some other time lol. Shout out to who ever […]

Niggas In Carnegie Hall

Music News I cant front, I REALLY want to go see this. I want to see Jay-Z preform in Carnegie Hall, I think that would be fuckin awesome for tons of reasons. I want to see what kind of special show he puts on for Carnegie Hall. I also want to see the type of crowd that attends the event. Im sure he isnt gonna totally censor his self. And Im sure there are going to be a lot of special guest performers who come out on stage. Speaking of Niggas In Paris, I also really want to go to […]

Kanye West – Late

This IS my favorite @KanyeWest song, ever. Still to this day! Do you know why? Because this is some Gemini ass shit. I know so many Gemini’s who are often late; and dont give a SHIT. We all do it. We all think there should be a special exception made for us. Fuck everybody else who is late though LOL. It just is what it is. Not only the lateness, but everything this man covered in the song. Every time I hear this song, Im reminded of one of my Gemini mates and how they get down… or me. lol […]

Would you rather be under paid or over rated?

In “So Applauded” Jay-Z ask says and ask: I went from the favorite to the most hated or would you rather be underpaid or over-rated? moral victories is for minor league coaches and ‘Ye already told you “We Major” you cockroaches That made me stop and ask myself, which would I rather be? Well it didnt take too much time for me to decide that id rather be rich and over-rated. Why? Because if youre over-rated then youre automatically being over paid for whatever youre doing. Not only that, but nobody becomes over rated on accident. At some point you […]

Power Remix – Kanye, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats

Download | Via 2DopeBoyz This shit is BANGIN. If I didnt know any better, it kinda sounds like Jay and Ye are on some “Yeah I Said It” shit. The truth is, YES! Beyonce made the best video of all time!!!! Fuck what yall talkin about. lol awesome. The artwork for this song (I think this is for the original song) is super fuckin dope. I like it. Id hang that up some where.

Breakfast Of Champions – Consequense

this guy is dope. this video is dope. he only rap one way it seem like though. you may remember him from rippin apart that good bad ugly track with kanye. shit was great. I had to post this on the strength of JD hype. lol The female in this video is cold business. I like its short sweet, fine girl, dope rhymes, not complicated. high five! lol if it wasnt for nahright.com id probably never watch videos lol