Music Song of the Moment

Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe Remix


I so need to start blogging more often lol. Anyway, this shit is fucking awesome. Jay came through on his verse, but its clear that K dot was having none of that out shine me on my own song shit. Thats what the fuck I’m talking about.

“When I heard that thing he sent back I said to myself, ‘I can’t be no floozy on this mother—er for sure’,” he said. “All them years of being in the studio, all them years of writing, all them years of freestyling and just being a student of the game don’t mean sh– if I can’t live up to this track, at least by a little bit being beside a legend in it.”

Gemini’s are competitive.

The Cover on the sound cloud page really says it all.

Here goes the Flex Interview on how everything happen. 


Fuck… speaking of the cover tho. A nigga needs this picture hanging up in his house some where. I feel like it will keep me more focused on the shit I want to accomplish in my life. Seriously lol.

Song of the Moment

Dirty Projectors – Stillness is the Move


Jay-Z (or whom ever responsible) is that fucking nigga for putting this on the NBA2k13 soundtrack. This shit is awesome. My favorite song that Ive never heard before on the whole soundtrack. This is one of my new favorite songs. This shit bangs! I always turn it up when it comes on.

I wish I could find somebody to slow dance/grind on when this shit comes on. I love it. The beat goes super hard some how lol.


#MyFollowersRandomPlaylist Vol 1

The other day I asked my followers on twitter and facebook to name the first song that came to mind when they saw the post. I was being random and it turns out that my the resulting list of songs were random; some of my friends and followers are pretty gotdamn random lol. So I thought I’d put together a playlist of the songs my peoples posted. Im not a huge fan of a lot of the songs posted, but thats not the point. I guess you can call it a social experiment. Dont ask me what purpose it serves though. All of this really came out of no where. I liked the way it turned out though.

I put together a youtube playlist with a track listing and thoughts below.

Raul – Jake and the neverland pirates
— gotdammit dogg lol. I didnt know what the hell this was. I do a search and find out the hard way lol. damn.

Drew – This lil light o mine
— smh, dammit. and dammit some more lol. To match your randomness, I found the click of the fresh prince when ashley and carlton sang this shit with the choir lol.

Herb – Song Cry
— One of the few Jay -Z songs I dont fuck with. I hate emotional songs lol. Never seen this video… couldnt bring myself to sit through it either lol

Brandi – Pop That by French Montana. LOL!
— lol thank you for bringing this video into my life.  This was also the first time Ive heard this whole song allt he way through.

Mayra – Eminem loose yourself
— I never liked this song. I love EM tho

Alex – “My Boo” by the ghost town DJs.
— LOL this nigga here ………… this shit still beats lol.

Lewis – “Just don’t Bite it” NWA i use to play it for the ladies on our first date, lol
— LMAO Lewis is dumb. This is my shit tho lol.

Whitni – Rose Royce- Car Wash? Random!
— Every time I hear this song, I wish I could roller skate backwards

Kevin – Pink Floyd – Sorrow
— Ive never heard this song before. Its cool.. dont know if I could sit through it sober lol.

Todd – its bigger than hip hop!!!
— This beat never gets old. Classic

Someone, I dont remember who, posted Faith Evans, Soon as I get home. Which is one of my favorite songs ever. I absolutely love this song. Every time I hear it I stop what Im doing. I love this whole album. This is the last bit of R&B I messed with. This song makes me want to be nice and spoil some sweet young lady with any and everything I have to offer as a man lol.

Me – The Doors – Love me two times
— because thats the last song that was playing on my Ipod when I posted this. Ive been blasting The Doors and  Jimi Hendrix all day.

I cant find the songs my twitter followers replied with. Im going to have to write them down next time.

Ill do this again one day, I think I like this.


Blowed Thoughts On GP (General Purposes)

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

You know Im going to miss you.

I love the summer time and everything that comes with it.

I love everything right now. Currently im driving down the 134 freeway, east bound, rolling through Glendale. The moon is full and hovering over the city scape. The moon isnt all that “high” in the air, its about 8pm. The moon is a dull yellow, big and absolutely gorgeous. The moon is one of my favorite things to look at, its something like hypnotic. When i look at the moon, im almost at a lost for words. My thoughts are overwhelmed with the fact that there are countless other people looking at the moon, right now, just as i am. People i will never know and never meet. This is the closest physical connection.
I think about all of the people that ive personally known and forgotten; miss or gladd to see gone; hated and or loved. I wonder if theyre looking at the moon at the same time im looking at the moon? Then i take in the fact that its only physical connection ill ever have with these people unless our paths happen to cross again.

I am happy right now

Although ive worked an 8 hour shift that didnt feature a lunch. Mainly because i wasnt all the way starving because i have been snacking on various snacks provided by a company im freelancing for these days. Ive eaten all kinds of bananas, granola bars, oatmeal, mixed nuts, somebody brought pie; by the time i looked up, it was 3:30pm. Who goes to lunch at 3:30? Lol. I could have, bit i was in the middle of something.
I absolutely love what i do for a living. Im a web developer. I build websites and do web stuff all day long. And i get paid for it; which is awesome because, i can assure you, if i wasnt at somebodies office doing this from 9 to t, id be at home doing the same damn thing in my draws, for free or in my spare time.

Its a nice warm…. fall night. Summer has passed me by. But this is Los Angles, the valley. Its warm as fuck lol. So im doing 75 on the freeway (now the 210, in upland) with the windows down, Jay-Z on the ipod. Back in Glendale, (because now im in upland) when i got a good look at the moon over the city, Jay-Zs Dear Summer came on and put a bow on the deep down good feelings im going through right now.

Im in a good mood!

One of my favorite MC’s. One of my favorite songs. The song and the sample.

I have on one of my favorite colors (red) and i still smell good from earlier (sean paul gaultier 2 – i spelled that wrong lol.). Im typing this whole entry on my phone, which i love and waited for for-fucking-ever (droid 4 — fucking verizon). I love LTE. I love where technology is these days to where I can do stuff like this while on the freeway. Im still blowed from smoking earlier; although typing this whole thing out with 2 thumbs instead of 10 fingers is proving to take longer than id like lol.

Im super happy to just be happy right now. What do i mean by that? Well, right now i have a happyness that i can feel. There are things going on in my life that would be fucking my day up if this was 2010. There would be no way i could feel as good as i do right now, back then. Even though ive had to sit through some super punk ass shit for the last week or so. More than once, more than twice. If this were 2010, id be way too pissed off and mad as hell until i addressed these punk ass people and this punk ass shit. And even after that. But im not mad. Well i am, but im not. Its not taking over my day or my thoughts. Thats what im used to. Im used to being hella mad right now. Im used to knowing all these good things were going on in my life but not being able to feel them because id be so damn mad. Or because everything wasnt exactly perfect in my life. Id only feel something like this happy if i were having a lot of fun with a lot of people, totally distracted from every last thing in my life. But that feels totally different than this. Im not happy like im having a good time.
Im just happy and appreciative. You may be reading this and thinking that im putting a lot on my feelings right now. But this feeling is new to me.
Ive seen people say they felt like this. People who cared about me wish, hope and pray that i could feel like this. And me wondering what the hell it felt like to feel like this.
Ive been jealous of people who could sit around and be happy and feel it no matter what was going on in their life for so so so long. And ive worked plenty hard to be able to have these feelings. I battled a lot of personal demons, faced a lot of pain and had to make some really hard changes.

But the way im feeling right now has made all that hard work worth it. Im not happy where im doing cartwheels down the street and pissing everybody off because im too gotdamn happy. I just am. I have a happyness that nobody else is giving me except me. My happyness has nothing to do with not a single soul on this planet.

For the past 6 or so months, ive been able to feel this way. This is the first time in my entire 33 years ive been able to feel this way. In these past few months; for the first time ever. Despite all of the solid gold bullshit ive been dealing with over these same past months; im happier than ive ever been ever. Not at this moment, just in general. The moment where the moon was right, the night was right and sound track was right, just reminded me of how im feeling overall. Its awesome. I love it.

Thats what i mean by, im super happy to be happy.

I thought id never be able to feel this way.

Im not walking around grinning from ear to ear or anything like that. But if you asked me “OJ are you happy?” My answer is yes. Before it wouldve been: eehh, everything is alright i guess, i wouldve never said yes and left it there.


Guttie Shit

Fresh Prince In Paris

Who ever did this is great…. and very fucking ignorant lol. I feel like Will Smith did this himself lol. Like he spent time groovin on all those episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air (one of my favorite all time shows) just to lead up to the making of this video lol.

Speaking of silly dances done to Niggas in Paris tho, the jig @KanyeWest was doing in that damn video was HILARIOUS! @Steenfox knows what I’m talkin about lol. It deserves its own post. But Ill go over that some other time lol.

Shout out to who ever put this link on twitter earlier.


Niggas In Carnegie Hall

Music News

I cant front, I REALLY want to go see this. I want to see Jay-Z preform in Carnegie Hall, I think that would be fuckin awesome for tons of reasons. I want to see what kind of special show he puts on for Carnegie Hall. I also want to see the type of crowd that attends the event.

Im sure he isnt gonna totally censor his self. And Im sure there are going to be a lot of special guest performers who come out on stage.

Speaking of Niggas In Paris, I also really want to go to the Watch the Throne concert here in LA. At first I didnt really want to go, but all the reviews and then this Victoria Secret Fashion Show performance changed my mind. This shit was live.

Song of the Moment

Forty Four 4’s, Muthafucka I’m Nice!


This is my shit! He does this with a beat, but it doesnt sound as good, or the same at all. It doesnt have feeling like this does. This is actually the first version of this track, so you know how that goes.



This version is from Radio City Music Hall and the big screen keeps count. Which was also awesome. Youll also see what I was talking about with the beat.

This is actually in the theme of a new project I’m in the process of putting together. I cant fucking WAIT!


Jay-Z is fuckin great.

Guttie Shit

Bob Ley’s Jay-Z cover

LOL this was awesome. He even tried to add some drama at the end after fumbling over his words. He was flowing with it for a second though lol.

I bet Jay wont be making another song this fucking year though. Lebron has been BLOWING IT! The one time Im routing for this dude and he’s no where to be found! Good thing I was always a bigger D.Wade fan.


Would you rather be under paid or over rated?

In “So Applauded” Jay-Z ask says and ask:

I went from the favorite to the most hated
or would you rather be underpaid or over-rated?
moral victories is for minor league coaches
and ‘Ye already told you “We Major” you cockroaches

That made me stop and ask myself, which would I rather be? Well it didnt take too much time for me to decide that id rather be rich and over-rated. Why? Because if youre over-rated then youre automatically being over paid for whatever youre doing. Not only that, but nobody becomes over rated on accident. At some point you were everyones favorite, you were where getting recognition because “you deserve it”. Youve heard some one say that before, im sure. “Oh I want so and so to win because they deserve it.” “They dont ever get pub, so Im glad to see them on tv.” Dumb shit like that. People who say things like this are the same assholes who believe you can win too much. Fuck the fact that you worked hard to win so much. Fuck what you went through to win so much.. or to be over-rated, because being over-rated doesnt come easy at all. Everybody who’s over-rated, went through a bunch of shit to get to that point.

Take Jay-Z for instance, a lot of people say he’s over-rated. But what did he go through to get to that point? Nobody signed this man to a deal. So he had to go through not only the pain of being rejected by every one. But have the stones to pick himself up, hustle up the money to start his own company and then work day and night, 7 days a week to make it into a successful company. Not only turn the company into a success, but out last a lot of other record labels and climb his way to number 1. Everybody loves Jay-Z’s first few albums. Now? All people have to say is, he’s biting biggies lyrics or he talks about the same shit all the time… or whatever other bullshit other people say.

Even if you dont deserve your over-rated stature. Even if you truly are over-rated. Youre going to cash out at some point. Youre going to get paid for being over-rated. Over paid and over rated go hand in hand. This is America, thats how its suppose to work! Even if youre not that good and you truly are over rated. You did SOME work to get to that point. This is America, nobody complains about being over-paid. Being over-paid is the American dream! lol So either way, you win!! Lets say Jay-Z has spent the last 10+ years being over-rated. These days, he owns part of the nets. If that were me? And some one called me over-rated, Im letting them know all about how I own part of the new jersey nets and ending my point with three little words “Now Fuck Off..”

On the other hand, you have being underpaid and broke. Working hard to perfect your craft. Your struggling, shits hard out there for you. Youre not getting the recognition you deserve and on top of all that, youre broke. Does that sound fun to you? If it does… hey, whatever floats your boat. Even if you would still rather be under rated and underpaid, than take money and fame that you dont deserve.. There are a bunch of starving artist out there. Somebody has to do it. And hey, I support you for taking that on. Because with out you being under paid, I couldnt be over-rated and paid.  HA! lol

You can say “mo money mo problems” all you want. But, Ive been broke, it sucks. And, if somebody hands you more money than you think you should earn, are you going to give it back and tell that person you dont deserve it? No…. youre not.

Music Song of the Moment

Power Remix – Kanye, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats

Download | Via 2DopeBoyz

This shit is BANGIN. If I didnt know any better, it kinda sounds like Jay and Ye are on some “Yeah I Said It” shit. The truth is, YES! Beyonce made the best video of all time!!!! Fuck what yall talkin about. lol awesome.

The artwork for this song (I think this is for the original song) is super fuckin dope. I like it. Id hang that up some where.