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CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

LMAOOOO ive been wondering what the hell this was about!

I never get passed the first couple of sentences because its clear bullshit lmao.

IF you sign up for a web service for free, what you are doing is giving them data and content to make money off of; and in turn, you get to use their service. facebook is not a birth right lol.

Nothing is free people. Jack asses lol.

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Don Lemon doesnt give a fuck about what CNN is going through


This is awesome. Id be irritated if I was a CNN viewer and had to sit through silly shit like the silly shit thats highlighted in this clip. Don Lemon appears to be irritated to have to be apart of it lol. I think Im going to start DVR’ing this mans show. This is classic material!

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Free Doritos?

This commercial is hilarious! “Promotion?? Not in your future!”

Gutty material!

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Apocalypse Tips you should consider

This shit was fucking hilarious!

I dont know how to grow carrots either though. As funny as this is, this reminds me of my dissertation on Currency. Ill post it one day. Till then? Happy gutting at this hilarious ass shit!

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Da ho’s is at Wally World mayne


Thats the only thing you can really say to some shit like this. lol… I have a few more things to say about this though.

Firstly, this video kept my attention the whole way through, because it got more and more ignorant as the seconds ticked by. Im not gonna sit up here for the next hour or so and type out all the millions of jokes there are about this video lol. All Imma say is that the apex of ignorance comes at 2:45 into the video. Thats when I was done lol.

Another thing… this mans name is Mr Ghetto. If you saw that name and are appalled by what you see after that. You deserve it, because you had a chance not to fuck with it, but you did anyway.

Another thing, the girl with the two tone hair is getting positive feed back, that I cant be mad at lol. I love dark girls and was pretty impressed with her shaking her titties like she did. BUT she looks like a gotdamn platypus in the face. Shits rough.

A long time ago my homeboy @delledison, showed me how to spot the joy and bliss in the ignorant and appreciate it. And oh boy…. do I appreciate this shit. lol

And before any of you pusedo righteous wanna be Black freedom fighters come talking about how this is holding Black people back and yap yap yap. White people do WAY more ignorant shit this… DAILY. Spare me. This shit is awesome! Let them be great! lol

I have so much more to say, but fuck it lol.

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too low for you fat hoes


One day random day, Im driving through these Los Angeles streets and I pull up on a low rider (I don’t remember what kind of car it was) and I noticed the words “too low for you fat hoes” across the back of the trunk.

What really made this hilarious to me is that the whole phrase was in lower case letters. Because this mans low rider is too low… for you fat hoes. Its all low, so you fat hoes can’t ride. No misunderstandings lol

There are some people who will argue that a “hoe” is a garden tool. But I call it semantics. Im sure this man certainly doesn’t care. Ha!

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Never Say No To The Panda

If you know me, you know I love commercials. I fancy myself a Commercial Critic, even. This shit here?!?!?!?! This is possibly the funniest commercial series there EVER was, EVER in the history of EVER for as long as there is an EVER.

I dont even want to break this video down. Its one of those things that you just have to take in and enjoy. Just remember one thing. Never say no to the panda lol. I love foreign commercials.

Thank You to the person that linked this and uploaded it to the internet, and Your Welcome if this is your first time seeing it or if you havent in a long time or may have just forgotten all about it.

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Is Wayne Brady gonna have to take it to the bridge on a bitch?!

YES!!! HE IS!!!!!!

Every Little Step with Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady from Mike Tyson

This is the greatest most random shit the internet has seen in a while!!! Bobby Brown even showed his ass up! This is the most shared video on facebook ive ever seen. Mike Tyson makes this video everything it can be and more. This nigga pulled off the most pathetic running man ive ever seen lol. Im really wondering who the third is though lol. That man didnt even get a solo.
For whatever reason, Im starting to believe that Bobby Browns gap is getting wider lol but I could be trippin lol.

Right when the video started and I saw Mike Tyson, I wondered if Wanye Brady would have to shoot Mike Tyson a WTF look. His running man didnt do it. But the wavey moonwalk at 2:45 did it lol. This shit is great. This video needs to be on some all time list of great shit. Well I suppose me putting it on my site would be a start. So there.

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The Asian Totem Pole

This picture is the fucking GUTS! The elation on this lil mutahfucka face kills me every time. It was killing me when I turned and saw that shit lmao. This looks like a scene out of  some random anime cartoon pseudo action scene where one of the characters see’s something amazing, shocking or scary… and their like WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!?????!!!!! and the camera stays on them while the back ground is moving fast in the background, but moving slow. Thats what I see every time I see this fucking picture lmao.

So here is the story behind this picture. On the 4th of July. There is this big ass church behind my house that has some big ass fireworks show. So me and my friends are outside, watching the fireworks show. Drunk as fuck. Andy and I were high as fuck. Im standing there minding my own business, trying to be as anti social as I can be towards my neighbors, when I notice these two kids running around us in circles trying to get the best view of the fireworks they could. Im trying my best to ignore these little muthafuckas and enjoy the show. When I notice to my right, these muthafuckas have resorted to some ol Voltron shit to try to get a better picture with their camera phone. I was the only person that noticed, so I said “Oh shit, look… its an asian totem pole… “. Sylvia managed to pull her self together long enough to snap a camera phone picture worth taking.

So now this is the Asian Totem Pole Picture.

What I really dont understand is why people take fireworks pictures. Nobody ever post them shits anywhere or look at them ever again. You can barely see that shit unless you have a good camera. Silly shit.

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Reverse Information At Its Finest

This Hornitos commercial is the best 16 second commercial ever. It gives a very interesting awkward story in less than 16 seconds.

So first this guy comes in feeling super proud of his self for smashing some super hot Couger the night before. Then like the cool guy he is, he hands the bottle of fine tequila but he is trying to get it crackin, AGAIN! And he is about to do this all in front of this man.
Which would be cool normally, clearly. Except for his parents are in town and he cant be out there like that. Except for his Moms already beat him to it. With his home boy!

This is one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen. I’m SURE there was absolutely no understanding after all the dots were connected. Im just wondering if ol boy still got hit by the bottle lol. Chances are he did. What say you? Would you have clocked this mf with that Hornitos bottle? lol