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Im Famous B!

The back of OJ’s Head, now featured at the Smoking Section. For the record… I didnt get caught with all that bullshit in my hand. Just big four lol. I did score a dub tho… although I dont think it was in this game. I had to take a lap on that one. lol Whats in the bottles? Afghani Kush, and Neon God (some good ass purp). Here goes my Smoking Section lol. Props to P for that logo, that shit is dope. I need to purchase another bong to put those  sticker shits on. Anyway, these pictures ( not […]

This Is What Happens When: You Wake Up High And Drunk, Still

This is what happens when you wake up high and drunk… still. Because you were getting high and drunk as hell maybe a hour or so earlier and you thought you was about to sleep it off, but you woke up prematurely for some reason. This is what happens: video://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsG0_w69Ykc You know what I think happen? I think maybe if he could possibly fly, his powers were stripped from him when he made the fucking bird noise. LMAO Muthafucka super man could fly, he didn’t “caw” lmao. This commercial is the fucking GUTS!!! The first time I saw it, it […]