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Direct TV Just Lost My Business Forever!

In this commercial, Direct TV would have you believe that being up for anything is a bad idea. Well I have news for you direct tv, Im usually up for anything. Further more and more importantly, I would LOVE to reenact scenes from Platoon with the Warlock himself!!! What the fuck is wrong with you Direct TV?!?! This sounds like an awesome idea!!! How does this not sound like a good ass time to me!! What am I missing here?! Is Charlie Sheen using live ammo or something? What? This sounds super fun to me. So fuck Direct TV. Im cool. Id rather keep Cable, record which ever show while Im out jumping over Charlie Sheens furniture with a M-16 or some wild shit like that LOL!

Direct TV’s selling point was something about record multiple shows. My cable DVR records two shows at once. Honestly, this is RARELY an inconvenience lol. Realistically, being able to record a bunch of shows at the same time is a selling point for you, youre probably fat. OR hella lazy, or no gotdamn fun lol. Thats a lot of gotdamn TV watching for that to be a solid selling point for you. If youre watching that much TV, you need an outdoors hobby. LOL get out and play or something. Gotdamn

Music Song of the Moment

Jaan Pehechaan Ho

I LOVE THIS SHIT!!! Soon as I heard it on this Heineken Commercial, I had to hear the full version! I dont understand a gotdamn thing this man is saying or singing about. But judging from the video its some extra groovy super live shit! How can you not dance like some kinda asshole when thit shit comes on?! They certainly did in the Heineken Commercial! That was extra great by the way!

I wish I could find a bunch of other shit just like this! This is like Punjab Swing Music or something. I love it!

If you want to know more about whatever the fuck this is like I did, there is a wikipedia page lol: Jaan Pehechaan Ho


My girl says I can find any song ever made, ever. The homie Lemmy (id link his twitter name, but he always changes it lol) came across it some how. I cant say I tried too hard to find it. But I found out what it was, some how some way. Thats usually how it works lol.


OK, so… While typing this post out, I decided to do a couple of searches. Apparently this song was recorded by a man named Mohammad Rafi. I did a brief search o n youtube to hear more of his music, I havent found anything as live as Jaan Pehechaan Ho, but he still makes great music. … do I understand what he is saying? NOOOPE! But I cant really say I care. It sounds good. lol I love old music like this. Its probably why I liked Beat Konducta Vol. 4: Beat Konducta In India (and 3) so much.

Blowed Thoughts commercial reviews This Is What Happens When...

This Is What Happens When: You Wake Up High And Drunk, Still

This is what happens when you wake up high and drunk… still. Because you were getting high and drunk as hell maybe a hour or so earlier and you thought you was about to sleep it off, but you woke up prematurely for some reason.

This is what happens:


You know what I think happen? I think maybe if he could possibly fly, his powers were stripped from him when he made the fucking bird noise. LMAO Muthafucka super man could fly, he didn’t “caw” lmao.

This commercial is the fucking GUTS!!!

The first time I saw it, it caught a nigga off guard and I thought I was gonna sophisticate myself from laughing too damn hard.

His homeboy couldn’t even believe he actually jumped out the window.

That man is better than me, I would have probably damn near fell out the window pointing and laughing at this muthafucka. Gotdamn.

This shit is way too funny.

Yall Welcome.

Blowed Thoughts You Tube

Can You Get Away?

So… whats the over under on how long it took for this white boy to get his ass whooped?


This shit is so fucking funny to me… I cant fucking help it. At first look… it may look like this Black guy is some white washed nerdy guy. With his scraggly white friend. Until that expensive ass TV meets its end. This is about to turn into a nigga moment soon. lol

Every time I see this shit, I think in my head, that the narrative voice says “CAN you get away?” Not, Wanna get away?? lol that question isnt really valid in this case I believe lol.  Because there isnt any question if this muthafucka WANTS to get away. But this nigga here looks pretty fucking pissed lol

Can you get away sir? lol if you can, kudos lol. Too bad the actual ass kicking to follow isnt really relevant to the commercial. oh well lol.

I also would like to say that the NEW southwest commercials about the productivity enhancements are the funniest yet! Thats the commercial I really wanted to blog about lol. Way to say FUCK BASEBALL, take southwest airlines. I love it.

Blowed Thoughts

No, Its the dust homie

So I was sitting here watching espn. And it seems that the DLP people have paid for alot of advertising on the network. Ive seen every version of “Its the MEEEEEERs”. You know this commercial here:


First of all… let me tell you why this is a blowed commercial. Because there is a little white girl walking around with a muthafuckin elephant and nobody ask questions. They just wanna know whats in the box. In other versions of this commercial this lil girl is dealing with some niggas. And they dont ask about the fuckin elephant either. What the fuck is the point of the gotdamn elephant? Im sure somebody asked that question, and the asshole who put this together probably said something like, “we wanted to get across the whole big thing”. He was fulla shit. He was fucked up when he came up with that idea.

Then, here come this little girl talking about she got some magic in the box, she open it and some gold and dust come out, and then now everybody see something way bigger than it was before lol. And she says its the mirrors. No its not, you just got everybody high, and you know it! Elephant high, she high, everybody around is high. seeing shit at astronomical ass sizes. Talkin about oh its so clear. No, its not, its big as fuck jack ass. It was clear to begin with because you was just there looking at it in person. The shit sure isnt any more clear on my tv. Its just big as fuck and still on tv, looking like its on tv, big as fuck.

Just say youre high. I am, and the commercial makes me laugh because its a blowed commercial. I love blowed commercials lol. Its the mirrors lol that shit is halarious lol.