Billie Jean is a gotdamn liar

If you really pay attention to Mikes face, he is serious about not having fathering Billie Jeans child. I WISH hope and fucking PRAY that one day, there is some girl on the Maury Povich show named Billie Jean. And the guy who she thinks is the father, really isnt. I HOPE AND FUCKING PRAY that guy is up on his Micheal Jackson moves and does at LEAST some of this routine in his celebration dance. Because there is ALWAYS a dance or some kind of celebration. Oh, and sings the song of course.

THAT would be way too awesome!!

Just like this performance was! Shit! Some how some way, on twitter, I noticed a few people comparing Beyonces Billboard performance to this. Nah. But its not really fair to compare the two. We ARE talking about the #ThrillerMaker here. It was just him, no special effects or anything. And its still hard to top. Probably never will be topped. Who am I kidding, it will never be topped. This shit was fucking magical.
I believe its unfair to make a comparison. But thats just me……. and my opinion is everything. All those who dont sign on and think the same way I do are losers to like to lose. lol. So says ME!

Shout out to @Sistertoldja who, when speaking on this subject, which inspired the need to watch this video (IN HD!!) and post it here for all of you to enjoy. Your welcome.

Memories Music

Beyonce 4 President

As far as I am concerned, this woman can run anything she damn well pleases…….. as long as it doesnt fuck up my money of course lol.

I love her, her parents, Kelly and Michelle, Allan, their whole team. I used to work with Music World a long time ago. There wasnt a member of their WHOLE organization who was mean or rude to me. Ever. Not even a little bit. Not even Miss Tina, who everybody thinks is mean lol. They are awesome. I dont know where my business would have been if they have never given us a shot.

Ive gotten to speak to beyonce twice. Once was at her birthday party, at a skating rink. I dont know how to skate, apparently she does though. When I skated over/by her, to wish her a happy birthday; I damn near rolled RIGHT into her lol. Almost fucked us both up lol. She was filiming that gospel(?) movie she was in. I almost fucked that whole thing up. But despite me almost taking her out and  fucking up her movie situation; she kinda held me up as I tried to wish her a Happy Birthday and gave me a big Beyonce smile, laughed and said “Thank you! You gonna be alright?”. One of the greatest memories of my life man. EVEN THOUGHT I WAS EMBARRASSED AS HELL!!! lmao. I havent put on skates since. Fuck skates lol. Them shits is dangerous!! lol

Anyway… Thank you, a million times, from the bottom of my heart. Yall rock!

I heard there were a bunch of people saying she used a body double for the original video to this song. CLEARLY SHE DID NOT! Beyonce is the perfect example of somebody who doesnt speak on their “haters”, she just shows them up. BAD. She turns her negatives into positives. You gotta admire that.
But even if she did. So fucking what… “ITS ONLY ENTERTAINMENT!!!”

Music Song of the Moment

Power Remix – Kanye, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats

Download | Via 2DopeBoyz

This shit is BANGIN. If I didnt know any better, it kinda sounds like Jay and Ye are on some “Yeah I Said It” shit. The truth is, YES! Beyonce made the best video of all time!!!! Fuck what yall talkin about. lol awesome.

The artwork for this song (I think this is for the original song) is super fuckin dope. I like it. Id hang that up some where.


Kanye West – See Me Now

Kanye West – See Me Now feat. Beyonce and Uncle Charlie Wilson.

I like this song, except for the beat, Beyonce and Charlie Wilson. I like all three artist respectively. But on this track together? no. They cant all be hits, I guess lol.I think its the beat more than anything. The words of the song are great. Everything else… eh.

As for the cover? I hope Kanye did this his self. Or one of his assistants or something. Or maybe he found somebody on twitter to do it for him. Whatever the case is. I hope he didnt pay for it. But if some lucky designer did get paid for this, fuck it. I hope he/she got over paid lol.


via KanyeUniverseCity