Uhmah Park

Errin is the guts. (id link her site, but thats another story lol) But anyway, she sent me this link the other day, and just kinda let me deduct the situation on my own. This is the video for Cassies song, Official Girl.

This is hilarious. Is this suppose to be an Aaliyah tribute video? Im not really complaining or anything. Im just kinda wondering if who ever directed this video maybe directed all of Aaliyahs videos, and didnt really feel like doing any real work, so they just story boarded a bunch of past Aaliyah videos and mashed em up for Puff lol. Or shit, it could have been Puff’s idea. I mean, it sounds like an old school Aaliyah song. Maybe then thats why the director went this route? The dance moves look the same, her hair and make up. LOL the only thing she was missing was the old school loccs from Age aint nuttin but a number album and a Queen of the Damned get up lol. But hey, Im all for getting over paid for bullshit and getting away with it. Long as Im not involved. And in this case, I can always watch this shit on mute and experience all the good that come from some shit like this lol.

Speaking of mute, I cant believe I sat through the whole video and didnt have it on mute. Ive never any of this girls music really, or a whole song for that matter. Until now. Until now I had only seen pictures. Which left me wondering what everybody was complaining about. Now as a big fan of another Badboy artist, Total, I can be the first to admit that an artist on a track doesnt have to be tremendously vocally talented for me to be entertained and enjoy the song. Plus Im not one to go to a live R&B concert either. So, hey, I’ll take the studio version every time, shit just aint that important to me. But after listening to this shit here, on accident lol. Im not about to talk shit, Im just saying I see what everybody is complaining about lol. Gotdamn lol.

If you dont want this video on mute. Your bad. And is lil wayne about to be the new age Zapp of rap? Since were on “New Age” shit. I dont mean to be overly militant here, but is it me, or does it seem like these niggas walking around with diamonds and all this bullshit on they teeth, walking around flashing they gotdamn teeth to everybody. Am I the only person than thinks of Black face Minstrel Show shit when I see that shit?

looks just like:

Plus some diamonds and shine and what not lol. lol this lil nigga looks like an extra from Bamboozled lol.


lol more visuals.

lol its the same shit plus diamonds and platinum lol

Maybe its just me. Maybe some other super militant type pointed it out too. Who knows. Shit dont really bother me. Im just sayin lol. Clearly the nigga is comfortable making money like that. Who am I to complain? Ill certainly talk shit and laugh though. But he makes more doe than I do, so its all relevant lol.

lol close your mouth lil nigga.


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