Uhmah Park

These shoes say “Death Wish on the back. Now why that is super funny to me, is because I grew up in LA ( 53rd and Hoover ), in the 80’s and 90’s and wearing some shit like this around back then in the wrong part of town. And these shoes would have been exactly that. You having some kinda fucking death wish. I was on Figueroa today, and I saw some teenagers crossing the street. One of them had a Braves hat on with a red brim and one had on a all brown shirt. I remember when you couldnt do that over in that area at one time. Some random crip was bound to see you, and trip on you for having the wrong color on. “The wrong color on?” When I tell out of towners about how things used to be out here, they swear up and down its the dumbest shit they ever heard. And I couldnt agree with them more. However, lol… when those are thats whats going on around you. On the mass scale that it was, its hard to avoid. Impossible actually. Imagine having to wake up in the morning to get dressed and have to think about where you might end up that day, so you know what you can wear. Imagine living in a neighborhood where you couldnt wear red, like these shoes here. AT ALL. Like, it just wasnt safe. Every one knows a bully or two of a town or a block. But what if you were surrounded by bullies constantly. With guns, and bad attitudes. And when they see the color red, it makes them mad as fuck, and what to at the VERY LEAST give you a hard time and pick on you for what you have on. And by give you a hard time and pick on you, I mean push, kicking, and hitting you to some degree. Thats what you would have to deal with in the very least, stepping outside your house, with red on. To do anything. Even play with your friends. Maybe one of your life long friends that youve known forever. Will completely turn on you for having the wrong color on.
Not fun, not fun at all. Very fucking stressful is what it is. You basically have to walk around ready to fight and or run for your fucking life at all times. And I do mean at all times. Imagine having to deal with that your whole childhood and teenage years. Everybody I know from Los Angeles, has a story about getting harassed by some gang banger for having the wrong color on in the wrong area. Alot of people have stories about people who didnt survive their story to tell. Thank God things are alot different though. Even though while here I sit and thank the God that I pray to, the reason things are alot different is because alot of people lost their lives for things to change. Alot of people got put in jail for things they now regret and see the absolute wrong in what they did, and now will spend the rest of their lives in jail for. They basically all took each other out, and took down alot of innocent people with them. Way too many in fact. There are some people who say that things were set up for that to happen, purposely. That could be true, it could not be true. But I think if people choose to do better, there would be no opportunity for the set up. The set up would be useless, the set up would fail.

But I do have to congratulate the modern gang banger. While they might be crippin or bloodin it up. The likely hood of you getting harassed for wearing the wrong color is extremely low. You have to be in the deep dark hood AND look like a gang banger. And still some times not even then. Unless you happen run across some lil gang bangin ass niggas. Then God’s Speed homie… foreal. Niggas have also stopped jackin muthafuckas for cars for the most part. Its not like it dont happen, it just isnt super common every 5 fucking seconds practice any more. Which is also a fucking relief lol.

But that bullshit be damned. These shoes are pretty fucking dope lol. Id really like to buy them. But I just cant bring myself to do it. Id never wear them, I wouldnt feel safe, AT ALL. Not really because their all red. Its more the DEATH WISH across the back lol. Seems like bad luck lol. Seems like something super random would happen to you or something. Id be way too pissed, but felt like I only had myself to blame. Like some asshole would rob the bank I just happen to be in. Then decides to take a hostage… starts lookin for one. Oh… perfect, your shoes say DEATH WISH, lets go, tape this bomb to your head or something stupid like that. Fuck that LOL

These however, would be a little harder to pass up despite the “Deathwish” on the back. LOL Red used to be my favorite color when I was little. Got broke of that shit super quick. Im trying to work myself in slowly lol. There are too many crips in the world.

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