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F27 Photo Gallery :: San Diego – Super Bowl Weekend

New Photos posted… JD has been buggin my black ass to do this shit for weeks… and i just got time… is here it is!

San Diego was hella fun… i cant wait till i find a REAL good excuse to go back down there.

I knew we was gonna have fun, because the first night we got there… we went on a quest for food. It was 3 am… and wasnt shit open. We go downtown to see whasup and its a big ass party going on down there. So we park… walk around and what not… found a Subway that was still open. The line was long but it was the only shit still open. When i got to the register i noticed a old ass lady in the corner with food all over the table being hella gross. damn near fucked up my appitite. Midway thru the meal we hear the subway manager ask this old white lady to leave… and she started bitchin!! NO NO NO!! fuck that!! i dont have to go anywhere… so they exchange words and what not… then… in a fit of fustration… ol girl goes… ” why do i have to leave? Im not a threat!! IM WHITE!!!! ”
ahh we fell the fuck out… that shit was halarious… the subway manager, a black dude… but he was a foriegnier… i dont know where he was from… but he wasnt local at all… this nigga made her ass get the fuck out after that shit…
anyway… pictures 2 and 3 you can see the white lady…. and her room tempature ass sammich. She followed us for a block and a half after we left ( she was posted outside some where ) and went on and on about being kicked out… we eventually had to step livley away from her ass.
And thats how the weekend started off.


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