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Super Bowl Ad Review

I love Super Bowl Commercials. Actually, I love commercials in general. Which is kinda surprising to me because I go through a great deal to avoid them sometimes. Anyway, this years round of superbowl commercials were definitely lack luster. I think I only liked maybe three commercials that werent trailers. Super Bowl Commercials have been on the decline steadily for the past few years. But whatever, the internet is changing shit. I happens. None the less though. Marketing and Advertising is starting to truly fascinate me. But some of these commercials, somebody should have lost their damn job lol.
Lucky for me, Hulu has them all hosted for me to review. I didnt know there were so many though.But I did notice that I never really saw the same commercial twice. Which was kind of surprising.

Go Daddy: Shower

I cant believe Danica Patrick signed up for both of these Go Daddy commercials. Im not gonna front, shes reasonably sexy, but these seem kinda racy and exploitative (maybe ive just been watching alot of political tv lately). Not that I mind, Im just sayin Im surprised that she signed up for em. High five to her though. As a man, I liked em just because of the obvious.
I also cant believe they got away with showing these commercials during a “family show”. I guess you can imply titty, but dare not show the titty. Which is understandable, except for there was a major flip out over the shown titty. These commercials implied a whole bunch, and even lesbian acts. Family show still? Whatever… Im not complaining, Im just saying.

Pedigree: Crazy Pets

Yea, foreal… get a fucking dog. Because if muthafuckas start getting ostrichs that rush muthafuckas that come to the door. Im going to start walking around with a large caliber firing arm and I firers NO warning shots. At all. If you dont have control on your pet, Im murdering that muthafucka with out a second thought. Im putting slugs in your Yak, fuckin Ostrich, Rhino, Badger, I dont give a fuck. Get a gotdamn dogg lol The thought of the possibility of me in this commercial freaks me out lol Im from South Central, I dont do animals. Fuck that. Id rather deal with a street full of crips rather than a gotdamn bear any damn day. Thats real.

Pepsi: McGruber

This was fucking DUMB. The end. Might explain why pepsi is fucking gross. They should have remixed the My Generation commercial. Or held on to it and had this bullshit running for the last few months.

Hulu: Alec in Huluwood

This shit here is the guts for a lot of reasons. Alec Baldwin gets my vote as the best Baldwin. He’s the fuckin guts. “Im starting to drool…” Hilarious. You sure the fuck arent going to turn off your tv or your computer. Its great. Im on the wrong side of the rope. I will be on the other side soon though. Its great. Im excited.

GE: Scarecrow

Not only does this commercial remind me of somebody close to my heart. But its SUPER fucking funny because at the end the scare crow gave that crow the business on the way on down the road. LMAO!!! Little shit like that is funny to me. Heeere’s Money

This here, what can I say about this shit here? This commercial get the WFT Award for this years Super Bowl Commercials. Id like to point out a few things about this commercial. Firstly, it looks like specifically goes after big stars who have had financial trouble. Which is funny as fuck and equally as brilliant. When I first saw commercials a few years ago, late late at night. I thought it was a pretty scandolous yet genious idea. But this shit here was almost as random was the Vlade / Dawkins Taco Bell Commercial. Almost. But what im starting to wonder is, I wonder if that white lady they used to have went broke at some point? Who the fuck is she anyway? I dont know, I think about shit like that. This whole operation seems pretty fucking random. The jury is still out on this being a Blowed Idea, but Im starting to lean towards fuck yes.
But let me point out a few things about this shit here.

1. “Ta-Dow”

2. The MC Hammer Picture

3. “Good Bye old friend” lol give this man an emmy or something. He lookd hella said to be losing that toilet lmao.

4. Seriously…. “My Gold Sledge Hammer”?!?! I know Im not high and paranoid. Im almost certain somebody over there is trying to fucking kill me. I thought I was gonna suffocate.

Coke Zero: Mean Troy

Call me what you want, but I think grown men screaming in fear is never not funny. WOOOOOO!!!! Tips

I thought this was fucking THE GUTS! Gotdammit lmao.

1. Frustrated people make me laugh. Dont ask me why. That lady screaming. Gutty.

2. “Hey Dummy” + Accent = Gutty!!

3. Again… Frustrated people make me laugh. This fat white dude cryin, with the last little whine. fuck. lol

4. First of all. What kind of person day dreams of punching small animals? OK? In the first place. Seriously. But then…. It was a koala bear, widly regarded as an super adorable animal. The muthafucka had an english accent. “Oh Dear”. Anybody that says some shit like “Oh Dear”… with glasses on, and holding on to some coffee is automatically obnoxious on some level. So this muthafucaka is dreaming of attacking a koala bear under ridiculous circumstances with glasses on, mind you. While he is holding on to a cup of would be hot coffee and dear life, because he is in a fucking tree. Which means he is vulnerable as possible at the end of all of that. And this person hates their job so much they are thinking of doing this ridiculous ass shit, just because theyre mad. Thats some hilarious ass shit lmaolmaolmaolmao oh shit..

5. Two words “Its Gold!” …. fucking shit. The laugh was a great kicker.

This shit had me gasping for air the first time I saw it. But I hate shit that repeats and watching shit over and over again. Im going to hate watching this commercial in a few days.


Damn, maybe I actually liked more commercials that I thought. This is getting pretty long though. Part 2 coming soon.

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Funniest commercials: Bud Light Meeting, Pepsi Max: I’m good, H&R;Block Death & Taxes… and of course, the ones you mentioned.

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