Uhmah Park

Back again, more SuperBowl Ads.

Pepsi Max: I’m Good

People getting injured will never not be funny to me

E*Trade: Talking Baby

“And learn to fllllyyyyy again!” lmao!!! this shit is the guts. My hair used to look like this when I was a baby.

Monster: Need a new job?

This is funny, because its some shit I’d do. lol I honestly dont know if I’d ever stop laughing just knowing that there was a muthafucka in the next room with my mooses ass in its face. Real or not lol A nigga like myself would have more that one person work in the Moose ass room. It would be the guts.


This is great. I love when the internet influences the main stream. This spot should be the place where I buss a joke about white people laughing there asses off and leaving it in the womb, or some other variation of white people (and asians) lacking ass, but we’re gonna skip all that. Word to Obama lol.

Bud Light Swedish

LMAO this shit here is ridiculous. Im glad I was sitting down, or my ass might have fucking fallen the hell off. Jesus!!!! Way to bust on to the commercial scene Conan! Getting started on getting your face out there for the 11 oclock spot. Good way to start lol.


Hyundai: Angry Bosses

do you know why these “Bosses” are really mad? Because Hyundai’s flag ship car looks like a knock off of the big three major luxury brands flag ship vehicels. The shits retarded. That shits look like a very well put together FrankenCar n shit.


Teleflora: Talking Flowers

WOOOOO Classic example of “The Truth Hurts!” These flowers let this lady fucking HAVE IT. BAD! “No one wants to see you naked!” Do you realize how big of an insult that is?! Do you know how many pretty ass girls Ive met who are ashamed to show their bodies!?! They already have issues. But to be TOLD nobody wants to see you naked. Thats that kick to the fucking balls right there lmao. fucking shit.

So maybe the commercials where that bad. I mean, in the past the ads were kinda long. All of these were short and sweet… at least for the most part. The economy is shitty, and peoples attention spans are shorting up. I know mine is super short lol