Uhmah Park

im so damn happy its starting to get warmer…

my cousin ( JD ) has been over here for the last couple of days and i had to go to the computer store with this nigga ( imma undercover computer nerd… jd… recently converted ) and i got to wear shorts!!

hell yea…

i was so damn happy when i checked outside and it wasnt cold!! i almost didnt know how to act.

its 12:08 am of the next damn day… and im still happy about that shit.

speaking of happy…

like last week my ex ( we’re really good friends ) told me that she she got accepted to all of the law schools she applied to. Whitter, La Loya Marymount (sp), and USC. man… im so proud. ( marymount and usc are good schools… so is whitter actually ) i remember way back when, when she was still a junior in highschool. and we used to chat and send letters back and forth. now she is graduating from a real good school, did good on her “i wanna go to law school test” ( forgot tha name of it ) and she is gonna stay in califorina to go to law school. im so happy… thought she was goin to boston for a min. knowin her… she still might because… eh… shes difficult ( one of the many reasons why we arent together ).

but im still happy for her, even if she leaves me. ol punk ass march person.

i should get her something for her birthday (29th… or 31st… i never get it right )… but fuck that… she aint got me shit for mine in a cool ass min. ( even when i do get it right lol).