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Stupid Ass Sprint Commercial

has anybody seen the sprint pcs commerical where that guy is sitting with tha mother…. and tha baby sitter… and the kids?

and tha moms starts off and says… i called and said… how are the kids.

then tha baby sitter… this bitch says… i thought you said flour the kids… now what would have happen if you would have said to flour the kids?

and the kids are just sittin there covered in flour.

and then they go into tha lil pcs bullshit.

and reach some kinda solution involing a pcs celly… and everybody is relieved…

but time out.

this commerical is a whole buncha bullshit… because…. if somebody covered my muthafuckin kids ( no i dont have none im allergic to kids ) in flour…. i dont care WHAT it sounded like… you dont cover nobody muthafuckin kids in fuckin flour!

Nigga woulda walked in… and saw his kids covered in flour… asked tha babysitter… ummm excuse me… what in tha fuck? would you be so kiiiiiiind as to inform me why in tha fuck my muthafuckin children covered in flour? Bitch woulda been like, you called and said to flour the kids! convo ends… ass kicking begins…. that baby sitter would have caught a ass whooping, and tha BOOT! commercial would have started on tha ass end of that ladies ass kicking. and it would have probably been a commerical for self defense or the center for troubled hearing and low common sence abilities. stupid bitch…

that commerical urks my shit.

fuckin shit!

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