Uhmah Park

Recently… the homie calvin got his DSL turned back on… and this nigga was on the net for like 19 straight hours ( lol ok maybe not that long ). but homie is 100% addicted to the net… shit alot of people are addicted to the net. Which reminds me of some shit i was thinking about a lil while back.
I have hardly any real addictions.

a muhfucka can say… oj… your addicted to the net. No im not… ive walked away from the net before. When i moved to hell… ( pheonix ) back in 98/99. i was in school with NO internet access… shit sucked. but i survived lol i wasnt jonesin. the only real reason i be on the net is out of bordum… well back then… now this is where i make my money… so im on this bitch all day long lol.

Basketball? nope… ive balled maybe 10 times in the last 2 years. i DO miss that… and i want to get back on the court… but i aint gonna break down lol. even watching basketball…. when i was in school… i missed that whole season for the most part. imma BIG Laker fan.. but i will miss a game if something else is crackin. after magic retired… i barely watched any basketball for like 3 years.

Peanut butter jelly sandwiches? nope… i can go months with out one… and not miss them shits either.

French fries… while i wont say no if you offer me one… ive gone months with out french fries also… and wont want them shits till i get a taste for em.

Getting fucked up…. nope. i do smoke… and i do drink. but i can go months with out doing either or. and it wont bother me. even if i have the desire to…. i can wait till when ever it cracks… and not really break my self for either. i dont smoke as often as people think tho lol… mainly on the weekends… or at nite to black out.

However… i AM addicted to the following:

Money… if i dont have money… i feel like im missing something out of my life. its almost impossible for me to be happy.

Sex… imma man… what do you expect? come on now… if i go too long i cant even fuckin see straight and im the meanest nigga ever.

Head…. that shit is greater than greatest and yes i am addicted. and thats all i have to say about that. i have no shame lol

Money again… the root of all evil? or the key to OJ’s happiness? lol

Cussing… i have no desire to stop. at all. i will cuss at my kids… i cuss at everybody… i honestly dont care… i love to cuss… i love to hear cuss words. any female that has ever had a problem with me cussing, wasnt in my life very long. soon as i hear ” you cuss too much! ” ….. first thing that goes thru my mind is…. where in the fuck can i drop this muthafucka here off at? i hate that shit. and i really dont even like people who dont cuss lol that shit bothers me. especially people who say stupid ass shit like ” what the puff? ” and various other censor friendly ass words… man… we all know what you MEAN… so isnt that JUST as bad as saying it? why sound corny at the expense of being lame as fuck? really. i honestly wish people would cut that shit out. youre grown man… its ok. i promise.

Talkin shit… now… ive actually ATTEMPTED to tone down my shit talking… but i can not do it for the life of me. if i didnt enjoy talking shit so much… i think i would have WAY less friends and associates than i do. particuarly because i NEED to talk shit to SOMEBODY. Sylvia practically pushes me out the door when i follow her around the house crackin jokes on every lil thing she does. and i dont miss much. and i will make up some off the wall shit. lol one of my ex’s was over today and her and sylvia traded old jokes i forgot about that ive told them at some point in time. all i kept hearing is… yup… that sounds like something oj would say! which i guess is: something thats very fucked up stated in a creative way. lol skanless aint it? oh well.. fuck it, i cant help my self. thats one of the reasons i started this blogger. thats why i talk to people on the internet ( partically lol ) thats my reasoning behind alot of my social interactions lol
i cant stop.

those definitly are all my addictions. and they aint going NO where lol.


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