Uhmah Park

this shit here:


when somebody first sent this shit to me… i sent to to damn near anybody that was on AIM like… gotdammit… this is the gayest site possible. but then… i thought about it. and i came to the conclusion that to say that ” this is the gayest site possible ” would really be an insult to the gay community. a community who really hasnt done shit to anybody else if you think about it. i know some great people who happen to like to have sex with thier respective sexes and thats thier business. and there isnt anything wrong with that honestly. thats what they wanna do. i choose to be a asshole and say fucked up shit at fucked up times… im doing way more harm that any gay person is doing just living out thier lives being gay. So… calling this niggas site gay as possible would be a horrific injustice to the gay community. and i do aplogize.

next… i was thinking… ok… ill just say this site is corny as possible. but.. that just dont have enough stank on it. this shit here needs to be associated with a whole new brand of wack and fucked up, that can be its own and make any one who hears it cringe before they laugh… except those individuals who belong to this group that is to be associated with this new brand of wack/fucked up shit. and truly desirve this unholy ass alliance.

so… this shit here… is fuckin Republican. YES! that is fucking correct. read it again gotdammit… republican. this shit here has been paired with the group of muthafuckas… that fuck shit up for every gotdamn body. i hope you muthafuckas are happy. take a good look as this fucking site… and know that everything that is wrong with this fuckin site… is what people think about you muthafuckas and your fucked up/wack/fascist ass ways and doings. fuckin bastards!

with that said… lets pick on this fucking site.
i guess it speaks for its self… i have honestly seen worse. even tho i bet that its hard to believe. most of the pages on blackplanet out do this shit by leaps and bounds over tall buildings and the fuckin mississippi. and ive also seen bloggers way worse than this. and i guess i should leave it alone… but… it is its own brand of wack… so i had to make up some new shit for it. lol

i just still cant believe this nigga is suppose to be a thug but has a copyright over his eyes in all his pictures… that shit killed me right there lol. i cant think of a almost kinda good reason for that shit lol… fuck the poses… and the shit in the pictures lol. oh… and let us not forget the r kelly like illustration lol… ill even go as far as saying forget the shit thats in the guestbook lol. the pictures alone make the murder oh so complete lol.
this site is a good example of what too much BET can do to a nigga. this shit is also a clear example of what 5 min a day at least with your kids can prevent…

this shit here is top notch wack… lol its more than just republican… its bush. all the way fucked up/wack… and there aint NO coming back.

lol i need to stop hangin out with errin and her friends… i been talkin shit for 3 days straight ( had to blame it on somebody lol )


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