Uhmah Park

This shit is fuckin bangin. This man fucked up this Still Tippin beat. Gotdamn.
You know, I really like Ludacris. I think he is underrated in some aspects of MC’n. However, I’ve never manged to listen to a whole Ludacris album. I just cant bring myself to do it for whatever reason. I rarely really like the tracks he have on his albums lol. Its weird.

Anyway, here is the track I was talking about: http://www.zshare.net/audio/16078755d4c679a8/

Courtesy: http://dajaz1.com/2008/07/still-spittin.html

Sigh, in unrelated news. This site is still ugly and its starting to bother me lol. But not enough for me to spend my free time doing something about it. Oh the conflict. How will it end?