Uhmah Park

An AIM rant. lol

here is a conversation i had with Carmen about a problem i have with the general public.

OJ (7:12:41 PM): im lazy too… i need to fucking wash my clothes lol
Carmex (7:14:20 PM): WASH YO DRAWLS
OJ (7:14:39 PM): naw i always wash them shits
OJ (7:14:51 PM): i need to wash my undershirts and basketball shorts
Carmex (7:15:28 PM): Funky ass
Carmex (7:15:28 PM): LOL
OJ (7:15:54 PM): you know… i noticed something about the general public…
OJ (7:15:58 PM): no matter what race they are
OJ (7:16:16 PM): muthafuckas LOVE to tell a another muthafucka that they stink in some way shape or form lol
OJ (7:16:20 PM): even on the net lol
OJ (7:16:49 PM): nigga be on the phone… let yea i gotta brush my teeth… IT NEVER FAILS! a muhfucka will be like… yea i can smell that shit from there!
Carmex (7:16:57 PM): ROFLMAO
OJ (7:17:04 PM): never fucking fails
OJ (7:17:08 PM): i dont understand it
OJ (7:17:26 PM): nigga be chattin… like ya…. ill get back… i need to take a shower real quick….
OJ (7:17:36 PM): muhfucka you talkin to goes…. stankin ass!
OJ (7:17:47 PM): or something to the effect that yo ass is stinkin
OJ (7:17:59 PM): can i possibly NOT be stickin?!?!
OJ (7:18:10 PM): can i possibly just want to take my DAILY ass shower?!?!
Carmex (7:18:26 PM): ROFL!!
OJ (7:18:38 PM): just because you shower every day… dont mean when its time for you to take another one… yo ass is stankin by that time
OJ (7:19:24 PM): man… i can see if a nigga was like… holy shit… its been 4 days since my last shower… and i havent changed my draws
OJ (7:19:35 PM): THEN… ok… yes… talk about me… i definitly stink….
Carmex (7:19:56 PM): ROFL!!
OJ (7:20:21 PM): i can not fucking stand that shit
OJ (7:22:39 PM): man… im hungrier than 4 fat people
Carmex (7:22:43 PM): Im off to read
Carmex (7:22:45 PM): *dead* ROFMAO!!!!
Carmex (7:22:49 PM): You are DUMB
OJ (7:23:12 PM): lol alright
OJ (7:23:14 PM): ill get back

reading this shit again has made me fustrated all the fuck over again… ugh!


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