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Soup Theater: Steve Nash – How to take a charge time and time again FTL

Ive been watching basketball most of my life. And after watching Steve Nash getting dunked on, time and time again, in attempt to draw a charge. I have come to one conclusion. Steve Nash clearly doesnt believe that Black guys have the ablitity to jump very high. Not only that but there isnt a Black man walking the planet that has any reservations about dunking on a white guy. No matter what his size or condition. He could be retarded. If he is under the rim, his neck is in danger. Those are the rules.

Maybe Steve Nash likes getting dunked on like this? Maybe he just wants to be a part of good tv and highlights, no matter what side he’s on.

We might never know why Steve Nash always offers his neck up for soup. But we will never get tired of watching it either! Soup Theater FTW! Speaking of never getting tired of Steve Nash getting dunked on………

This will never get old.

Lastly, I’d just like to throw this out there. I hear that President Obama was talking about ripping out the White House Bowling Alley, and replacing it with a Basketball court. Do you know what I’d do to play basketball with Obama at the White House?!?! MAN! That would probably be one of the best experiences ever. Especially since if Obama was on the other team, I’d try to dunk on him. Im not even playin. Id try to smash all on his ass! I’d actually be determined to do it. Some how some way. That would be the best shit ever. I hope they build it. lol

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