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Soup Theater – Kwame Brown – Take These Two Here, TRICK

First off, let me explain something. I am adding a new category to my blog ( yea imma start doing that, thanks ). My own tribute and commentary to people who get dunked on and those doing the dunking and embarrassing and what not. This is a long time dream of my cousin JD and I, and now thanks to YouTube.com and my super worthless nba league pass, featuring broad band. I will be able to bring the greatest and livest dunks all year. It goes down.

First up, Kwame Brown. Last year we kinda thought he might be smashing on somebody. And wouldnt you know it? His, what third? game of the season? Im not sure. None the less, fresh into the season, this man smashes all over Andres Nocioni… GOOD LORD!


Nocioni scored 30 in this game. But that shit doesnt matter when you get dunked on this bad. Kwame only had like 4 points for the game. Advantage? KWAME! Fuck your 30 points homie… take these two here!!! TRICK!
it would have been great if he called him a "trick!" after the dunk. 

But earlier in the game, We have some Smush Soup!


Clearly not much. Smush Soup is special. Because every time Smush Parker dunks on somebody, the nigga he just dunked on has this super moded look on they face, but they dont wanna openly look confused. But you can tell the nigga be puzzled as to how this lil nigga manage to dunk on them that gotdamn bad. They just run back down the court and try to keep up with the offense lol. Its the guts every time. 


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