Uhmah Park

If you jump with a dude named “Jordan”… I dont care if its his first middle or last name. You have to think your chances of getting dunked on are super high lol. Or at least you should. Like Chris Bosh should have lol.

If you are going to guard the basket, being damn near 7 feet tall, against somebody who is barely 6’2’’ charging the basket hard as fuck. No matter who he is… youre gonna have to put forth a better effort than Mr Bosh is about to do. Otherwise, you will find your self on Soup Theater!!

if you watched this game, you would have seen, damn near 60 seconds (something like that) later Jordan throws a lob to Trevor off the back board. Setting up Jason Capono (sp? – i refuse to check) to get banged on. Cold Shit! I say its cold because if you think about it. Jordan was on his way for a clear dunk. He is way too fast for Capono to catch up to, yet and still, Jordan see’s Capono trailing him, and clearly see’s Trevor too. Trevor aint gonna stop charging to the hole until a basket is made. Capono clearly has no real idea Trevor is trailing the play like this, and ready to dunk all on his neck given the chance. Jordan does though. Throw’s it up. Neck Bone Soup!! On some UCLA practice game shit lol.
I love watching the Lakers Bench play. Even when I play with them on NBA 2k9 ( FUCK LIVE! thats right, i said it. shit sucks on ps3 )

What I wanna know is… What kinda name is Trevor for a nigga? Especially a nigga from LA. I can see a nigga named Trevor attending UCLA, though. But when I think of the name Trevor and I find out its a Black guy, I think of some super well spoken weather man, with the lightest possible tv make up on. Kinda like Hillarys boyfriend that died on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I think his name was Trevor. I could be wrong. Anyway. Good for Trevor for giving that name a new meaning and what not.