Uhmah Park

so im posted up watching my dvr, watching scrubs n shit… then i get a call. its 3am mind you. but my cell phone rings… i put my show on pause. dvr stands for digital video recorder… so basiclly, i tivo’d my shit. scrubs is one of my favorite shows. i catch up on back eps whenever i get a chance. and since im in the process of taking my life back. im off this gotdamn computer… and im watching some tv that isnt basketball, football, or sportscenter. gettin my laugh on n shit…
i get a call… i pause my shit… im having a conversation n shit… then all of a sudden, im talkin and click!
my muthafuckin cable got shut off in the middle of my GOTDAMN SHOW! i was so fuckin mad… all i could do was cuss! i wasnt done watching my muthafuckin shit! i had the shit on pause! isnt that fucked up!!!! gotdamn… they could have at least waited for a nigga show to be over n shit. gotdamn. i am way too blowed for this.
thats some fucked up shit to happen while youre blowed and then having the conversation i was having too? it was too much…
i had to get the fuck up, look for my credit card and pay my bill ( which i would have paid anyway ) and now… back to my show… but fuck, i dont even know if i wanna watch the shit now.



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