Uhmah Park

Pam: man.. i seen the guttiest shit on the news tonite
Pam: this damn lady went to the zoo here, went off the regular trails, n stuck her arm thru a fence
Pam: a wolf grabbed her shit n wouldn’t let go
Pam: they had to shoot his ass.. and i’m like damn.. aint his fault.. homie wuz doing what came natural.. aint like it wuz german shepard.. it wuz a damn wolf, he’s supposed to bite the shit outta her
OJ: hell yea!
OJ: i wouldnt have shot that wolf…
OJ: i would have been like… you stupid bitch! you got your self in this shit… you get your self out!
Pam: LMAO !!
OJ: she blew it twice!
Pam: i’m like.. wuz she tryin to pet him or sumthin
OJ: she went off the regular trial… THEN stuck her arm thru? what in the fuck did she think was gonna happen… honestly
Pam: homie grabed her by the fore-arm and started eatin her shit
OJ: ooooh nice wild animal that i wouldnt normally pet IN the wild
OJ: lol he should have ripped that shit off lol
Pam: lmao.. damn
Pam: i’m rather pissed he got killed
Pam: i’m like.. where the tranquelizers at
OJ: lol damn
Pam: if a wild dog or wolf attack u on the street.. damn skippy shoot n kill his ass.. but if u fuckin wit him at the zoo.. u deserve to get bit
OJ: exactly

lol how do you think sticking your arm thru a fence where WILD animals are is ok?
lol dumb ass.


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