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Sometimes, you get what you deserve

Pam: man.. i seen the guttiest shit on the news tonite
Pam: this damn lady went to the zoo here, went off the regular trails, n stuck her arm thru a fence
Pam: a wolf grabbed her shit n wouldn’t let go
Pam: they had to shoot his ass.. and i’m like damn.. aint his fault.. homie wuz doing what came natural.. aint like it wuz german shepard.. it wuz a damn wolf, he’s supposed to bite the shit outta her
OJ: hell yea!
OJ: i wouldnt have shot that wolf…
OJ: i would have been like… you stupid bitch! you got your self in this shit… you get your self out!
Pam: LMAO !!
OJ: she blew it twice!
Pam: i’m like.. wuz she tryin to pet him or sumthin
OJ: she went off the regular trial… THEN stuck her arm thru? what in the fuck did she think was gonna happen… honestly
Pam: homie grabed her by the fore-arm and started eatin her shit
OJ: ooooh nice wild animal that i wouldnt normally pet IN the wild
OJ: lol he should have ripped that shit off lol
Pam: lmao.. damn
Pam: i’m rather pissed he got killed
Pam: i’m like.. where the tranquelizers at
OJ: lol damn
Pam: if a wild dog or wolf attack u on the street.. damn skippy shoot n kill his ass.. but if u fuckin wit him at the zoo.. u deserve to get bit
OJ: exactly

lol how do you think sticking your arm thru a fence where WILD animals are is ok?
lol dumb ass.

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ok that bitch is stupid!! She must have been dropped on her head a couple of times cause anybody in their right mind would not be stickin their arm through a fence with WILD FUCKIN ANIMALS on the other side. That whore betta not try to sue them either…

Poor wolf :/

thats a shame…but after the poor wolf got a taste of her arm…they had to kill him…cus u know once an animal has tasted human flesh it has to be put to death cus no one will be able to control it…but she was a dumb one…her stupid actions cuased that poor animals death

I’ve heard that too.. that once a wild animal gets its kill action on with human blood it gets extra outta control… not that you could control em anywayz.

U know that shit wuz still all over the news tonite.. nobody’s really concerned with the lady or her updated medical condition.. errybody is mad about the shooting..

RIP wolfie.. pours out a lil liqua

Fuck dat, “taste of human” BS. The security gaurds should have come RUNNIN’ in, shot HER stupid ass, and flipped her over the fence. If her dumb ass wasn’t tryin’ to pet a wolf, she’d be off somewheres rear-ending one of us wit her hot pink VW Bug while chatting wit one of her idiot friends on her Nokia. World’s better off witout her. Call it “survival of the fittest” or “natural selection”, whateva. Dumn asses are being treated like babies and bringin’ down the species. We need to thin the herd. I say once the animals get a taste of moron, we open a “special” petting zoo just for them. Those too stupid to notice the zoo has one entrance and no exits; we don’t need.

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