On GP (General Purposes)

something is wrong with me…

ok… remember how i had that old ass al b sure song stuck in my head…

i finially remembered it… well… i remembered which one it was earlier…


that very next day… i had ” dont be cruel ” stuck in my head, by bobby brown lol… dont know why… but i sho nuff was singin that shit…

then on the way to the car earlier today… i caught my self singin some old ass keith sweat… and i been singin that shit ALL today… some old.. Make it last n shit. ( that was this morning )

i dont know what the hell my problem is… i been singin those hot 80’s and early 90’s hits… i think im having a flash back of a tape i made when i was younger or something ( when i actually liked r and b… please dont ask me what my problem was )

and ill be damned if later on in the evening… when i was out runnin around town… i was singin ” i wanna go out side in the rain ”

i have no clue…

i dont have no new love in my life…. i havent had my heart broken… i really aint tryin to be with no damn body ( work too damn much )… so… i dont know why these songs have been just popin up in my head lately… but i wish that shit would just cut tha fuck out.

lol cuz i cant sing wortha shit… lol

its startin to piss me off

lol i remember in high school i used to walk around singin oldies and doing the old ass temptations steps n shit… shit was tha guts.

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