Uhmah Park


5. Hotdamn!!

I was right! It turned out to be the best flight experience of my life! Except it took an unbelievably long time. At one point I was asleep on this plane, woke up and still had 10 hours to go. I wanted to ask them to land the plane so I could settle down and make a new life wherever we were at. The plane was amazing but this flight feels like it will never end and I want to cut my losses wherever I’m at. There is a long list of problems that would come with that move, the biggest among them was the fact that we were flying over the real life North Pole at that very moment, on Christmas day, ironically. I’m stuck on this plane. 

But oh my God was I comfortable! Not to mention the back of the plane was filled with free liquor and a mini lounge. The wifi was free. The food was top notch, fancy and free. The food, drinks and liquor were all free in the airport lounge, where they make you feel like a valued customer. The customer service experience was several times better than any other airline I’ve ever flown on ever in my life. Top self from top to bottom. They gave me a blanket, which was awesome. A travel mattress to make the seat and laying down even more comfortable. And a  Bvlgari branded wash up kit with soap, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush and a few other goodies to clean yourself up with. It was basically a high-end mini ho-bag and I definitely kept it. I have 3, in fact. For my 12 hour layover, Emirates gives you an option to book a hotel with them. I took said option and the room was awesome. I win again! This flight was one of the best experiences of my life; I wish they flew to every city in the world. 


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