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So What?

“Youre quite confident despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary… fascinating!” – lil tony blair.

That was the the funniest shit ive heard all gotdamn day!!! holy shit!

Lil Bush is the funniest shit on TV. I cant believe the “most powerful man in the world” is sitting by letting these people talk THIS much shit. Everybody has bush jokes, but this is over the top. They got his moms and dad on the cartoon and they talk the most shit about them too!

and we wont even talk about lil cheney. that muthafucka there is completely off the hinges.

How arrogant and rich and “powerful” do you have to be when you let a cartoon like this air all damn week, and be this funny.

I could just imagine their whole thought process on the whole thing.

“So what? I make more money than you, I have everything I want, I can do anything I want… and get away with it. And youll know i was up to no good. Youll talk shit about it. But ill still do it anyway and get away with it. And you cant do shit about it, except for be mad.”

“Youre quite confident despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary”

thats the only explaination.

Must be nice. Cant say i wouldnt sign up for something like that my self under the right circumstances.

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