Uhmah Park

So, what if there was the dude. And he was being stalked by this crazy bitch. Like, he cut once, it didnt work out, but now she dont wanna let the relationship go n shit. She wanna try to work shit out. She thinks she can make him happy, and all that crazy bitch shit. No matter how much he tells her that he dont want her.

So she is stalking this man now.

And what if, she tormented ol boy by playing The Jackson 5’s classic, “Ill Be There” on his voicemail all the time.And like every time he saw her, she would like, sing it to him and change up the words n shit. Talkin about… nigga where ever yo ass gooooo / illlll be thereeeeee. Like she would at least hum the shit or something. What if she followed ol boy on a date, with another chick. And they go on a date to a spot where niggas is doing karaoke n shit. So she follows the nigga to the spot n shit right… and then she sign up to sing. And she get up on stage… and she call this nigga name out on stage, on some… Tony… this is for YOU! And the ill be there melody starts to play n shit… and she get all serious n shit lol. And proceeds to sing her heart out, and at the same time… put ol boys business out there through out the song. And even resorts to lying on the nigga trying to make him look trifflin to the new girl he on a date with.

that would be some funny shit. The only muthafuckas this aint funny to. Are muthafuckas that have a crazy bitch experince, and hated every last second of that shit lol. Which is making this whole shit funny all over again. Because i know at least two niggas who are swearing this shit aint a bit of funny. And they are gonna tell me about it tomorrow lmao.


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